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bungie ps3 logo 1

Bungie is hiring for PS3 – Early April fools or not?

by Andrew Carlinon March 31, 2011
Bungie is famous for their April fools joke, but it seems like an ad was placed on’s home webpage that is hiring people for the PS3. Joke or not? More and pic of the ad after the jump.

Now the Government is after your basketball hoops?

by Robert Strickon March 31, 2011
I’ve seen a lot of ridiculous things over the last few years. Whether it’s BP getting away with murder, or false pretenses for war. Not to mention all of the terrible legislation that has been proposed and passed (FEMA camps, anyone?). I thought I had seen it all. Well, apparently I was wrong. Now the […]

wolves minecraft

Minecraft beta update 1.4 adds Wolves

by Andrew Carlinon March 31, 2011
In the latest Minecraft beta update, wolves, along with cookies and other features have been added. These new wolves act mainly as dogs, if trained (give them a bone), these wild wolves will become your companions and help fight all your foes around you. This is not the only feature that was added though, cookies […]
FEAR3 cover

New Fear 3 Trailer Revealed

by sloopypugson March 30, 2011
Day 1 Studios released another trailer for Fear 3 earlier today. As can always be expected with the Fear franchise; it looks absolutely terrifying. A few new features will set it apart from its predecessor. For the first time players will have the option to play cooperatively through the campaign with a friend. Additionally, players […]


Contest: Win a Call of Duty: Black Ops ‘First Strike’ DLC Code

by Robert Strickon March 30, 2011
Do you want a chance to win the ‘First Strike’ map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops? It’s really simple, all you have to do is register on our site and comment on one of the articles we have. Hit the break to view the full details. Note: These codes are for the PS3.

Review: ‘The Arrival’ DLC – Mass Effect 2

by Faginon March 30, 2011
A few of you might know or even care that I tend to view the Mass Effect series as Bioware’s only saving grace in the last couple of years. When I play duds like Dragon Age 2, I have to hope that somewhere, somehow, they have a bright team writing great stories that flow well […]


PlayStation Rewards Beta Ends, Sony sends Thanks with Free T-Shirts

by Jameson March 30, 2011
March 31st marks the end of the Playstation Reward system. Sony has been beta testing this new system out with selected members for a few months now, offering rewards such as; Home DLC, Avatars, Free themes, and sweepstakes to go to such events as E3 or GDC. They also offered Quest to help you progress […]

Crate Entertainment Annouces ‘Grim Dawn’ RPG

by sloopypugson March 29, 2011
Crate Entertainment recently announced plans for a new action RPG called Grim Dawn. The game places the player in the world of Cairn; where a once proud empire has crumbled into total chaos. A gruesome war has brought two colliding otherworldy forces together: one uses human bodies as a source of their power, the other […]