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Battlefield 3 : Lots of DLC content on its way, and screenshots released for Back to Karkand.

by Col Thorntonon October 31, 2011
DICE have declared their intent to release multiple DLC packs for Battlefield 3, and have just released screenshots of the new upcoming DLC pack Back to Karkand to whet our appetites.

Lots of WWE ’12 News

by Dean Amondon October 31, 2011
DLC, Championships, and PPVs comprise a big pile of information coming in for the newest WWE game today!


Paranormal Activity at The Grand

by Dean Amondon October 31, 2011
89x Radio and Motor City Ghost Hunters set out to check out The Grand in Trenton, MI and they found some interesting evidence of spirits in the old hotel.

EVP Evidence: Is this proof?

by Robert Strickon October 31, 2011
Check out some potential evidence of paranormal activity from a investigator that specifically collects EVPs.


EA’s Origin platform to sell games from Capcom, THQ and WBIE

by Col Thorntonon October 31, 2011
Steam may finally be seeing some competition with EA’s rebranded Origin service confirmed to soon be selling titles from three major games producers, Capcom, THQ and WBIE.

New God Of War Title In The Works?

by Dean Amondon October 31, 2011
It seems that SCEA Santa Monica is working on the next installment in the God of War series if a job posting is to be believed.


Resident Evil: Revelations’s Raid-Mode Revealed

by Andy Whitefieldon October 31, 2011
Capcom let some select press get hands-on with the latest build of Revelations last week, today the embargo has been lifted and several new details about the games new ‘Raid Mode’…

New Resident Evil: Revelations Screenshots

by Andy Whitefieldon October 31, 2011
Capcom have also released 30 screens for Resident Evil: Revelations, fitting considering its Halloween…