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Nintendo EShop and WiiWare Update Week of 3/29

by Daniel Flatton March 31, 2012
For those anxiously awaiting any news regarding new items on the EShop or WiiWare wait no longer! Straight from Nintendo, here is what you can get your hands on right now. Nintendo EShop ARC STYLE: 3D Soccer – Enjoy fast paced matches that feature simple controls on your 3DS. Various options include customizing your team […]

TheParanoidGamer Podcast Episode 3: Things that go bump in the night

by Robert Strickon March 31, 2012
TheParanoidGamer has released the third episode of its official podcast, which dives directly into the debate about used games, and the rumors surrounding the next-generation of consoles. Daniel Flatt, a staff member, also joins us and discusses his paranormal experiences.


Rumour: Famitsu To Reveal Pokemon B/W2 on April 4th

by Andy Whitefieldon March 31, 2012
Famitsu recently attended the 2012 Japanese Arts & Hobby expo in Tokyo this past weekend and handed out a teaser flyer…

Update: It’s Official, Farewell To Zipper Interactive

by Dean Amondon March 30, 2012
Earlier this week, we posted a rumour regarding the demise of Zipper Interactive. That rumour has turned into truth today with one tweet from the official Zipper Twitter feed. More inside.


UFOs Caught Over Las Vegas, Full Seven Minute Video

by Jameson March 30, 2012
Seems like resident and tourist in Las Vegas have been reporting strange glowing lights hovering over the the city a few nights ago. While there hasn’t been any government responses yet already we have people claiming they are bats, however as you watch the video you’ll begin to notice patterns (make sure to turn annotations […]

Behind the Desk #2: Used Games Under Attack, Crop Circles, and Life in the Universe

by Robert Strickon March 30, 2012
In our second edition of Behind the Desk, we discuss the rumors surrounding the war against used games, crop circles, and the prospect of life in the universe.

NIS America

NIS America Annouces 3 New Titles

by Robert Strickon March 30, 2012
Today, NIS America unveiled 3 brand-new titles that will be sure to delight gamers across the U.S.

The Witcher 2 Animated History Lesson

by Daniel Flatton March 30, 2012
If you’re excited at all about the upcoming 360 port of the critically acclaimed PC RPG then you should probably take a look at this animated history lesson as to what exactly makes a Witcher so friggin’ awesome.