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Occupy’s MAYDAY Calls For General Strike Tomorrow

by Armand Laneon April 30, 2012
Occupy WallStreet has been actively organizing a “day without the 99%” aimed to be May 1, 2012. The protest will be a worldwide event including marches on capitol buildings; refusal to go to work or classes; no banking and no shopping.

Starhawk Single Player Trailer

by Dean Amondon April 30, 2012
It all started with a spark…


Update: Awesomenauts to Launch as Planned

by Dean Amondon April 30, 2012
Even though publisher DTP Entertainment has filed for Insolvency, Awesomenauts will release as planned.

PSN Schedule Maintenance May 3rd, Will Affect First Party Titles

by Jameson April 30, 2012
Sony of Europe have announced that starting Monday at 05:00 till 11:00 BST time, there will be doing a schedule PSN maintenance. This maintenance isn’t expected to affect all titles on PSN, only a few owned by Sony Entertainment.


Sega Confirm Sonic & All-Stars Racing Confirmed for PS3, 360, 3DS…and Wii U?

by Andy Whitefieldon April 30, 2012
Wondering whether the game is heading to Wii U like the original rumour about this game suggested? Well look at what the games producer Joe Neate had to say…

God of War: Ascension – Developer Diary And Media Reaction

by Jameson April 30, 2012
Sony has released two brand new videos for God of War Ascension.


God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Stream Footage

by Jameson April 30, 2012
Here’s some footage from the live stream event for God of War: Ascension. 

God of War: Ascension New Single Player Details

by Jameson April 30, 2012
Some brand-new details on singleplayer have been revealed.