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Insomniac’s Overstrike is now Fuse

by Seán Whitearon August 31, 2012
Remember Overstrike? It was set to be Insomniac Games’ first multi-platform game with EA, after PlayStation exclusive series’ Resistance and Ratchet & Clank. It had a promising, fun-filled trailer shown back in E3 2011 but it hasn’t been seen since – until today.

PlayStation All-Stars: Nariko and Sir Daniel Fortesque Trailers

by Seán Whitearon August 31, 2012
Two new characters have been revealed for PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale – Nariko of Heavily Sword, and Sir Daniel from MediEvil (hey, remember that on the PS1?) You can watch both trailers after the break.


Freddie Wong wows us with ‘Old School vs. New School’

by Craig Reynoldson August 31, 2012
American moviemaker, musician, VFX technician and competitive gamer Freddie Wong, famous for making videogames-inspired short films such as The Rocket Jump, Skyrim Badass, and the EA-requested Battlefield 3 TV commercial, has us in awe of his creative genius once again this afternoon.

Dishonored CG Trailer

by Taylor Parolinion August 30, 2012
Here we have a nifty CGI Trailer for Dishonored showing off some of the story and slightly embellished gameplay. It looks pretty great. I think it’ll be a surprise hit with a lot of gamers in a year of huge sequels. Check out the trailer below.


Aliens: Colonial Marines ‘Escape Mode’ Trailer

by Seán Whitearon August 30, 2012
Sega have released a trailer showcasing a new gamemode in Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. The name is pretty self-explanatory. This trailer also shows some brief glimpses of gameplay from the Xenomorph side, so get at it.

Top 10 Reasons Why We Game

by ImmortalPhoenixon August 29, 2012
The explosion of gaming at the beginning of the 21st century turned a fringe hobby into a significant pastime for millions of people. The question follows then: what exactly does gaming give us that we need so badly? What inherent desires do humans have that gaming fulfills? Today we’ll be looking at the top 10 […]


Evil Cole Joins Playstation All-Star

by Jameson August 29, 2012
Sony has announced that Evil Cole, the exact opposite of Cole Macgrath, will be joining the PS All-Star roster. Despite good Cole already being in the game, Evil Cole will offer a whole new look, and also have a completely different move set.

Everyday Paranormal Experiences, Interview #4

by Rustyn Clarkon August 29, 2012
This story is a recollection of something that happened when I was in high school… so yes, a long time ago, back in the 90’s.  Though I’ve actually ventured to the location that this story centers on, I have not actually had any of the experiences that I am relating.  Nor is this an interview, […]