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INFAMOUS 3: Ideas for what could be next

by on June 24, 2011


For those who have beaten the game, they may be asking to themselves “Will there be a third?”. The way I see it, no or at least not for a good amount of time. With User Generated Content being one of the features in the game, Sucker Punch has implemented the Play, Create, and Share genre that everyone seems to be loving since LittleBigPlanet. The guys over at Sucker Punch should be in no rush for the third installment, since players can create an endless amount of missions for an endless amount of game time. However, we here at TheParanoidGamer have compiled a short list of ideas for the next infamous game. Hope you enjoy the read

1. Prequel with Kessler as the lead and David Warner as the foe

This could be a great lead for the next game. Rather then continue where Infamous 2 left off, it could begin with Kessler alternate timeline. Here the story would progress as Kessler runs away from The Beast and then eventually going back in time to prepare the past version of himself. The player would go through taking over the First Sons, development of the Ray Sphere, and eventually the battle between Kessler and Cole.

But that’s not where the story would end. Players would then take control of Cole yet again, only we would be playing through the DC comic arc of the series that leads up to inFAMOUS 2. The players final battle would be against David Warner, who is Kessler’s test subject of the Ray Sphere. Fueled by revenge, David wants to hunt down Kessler, who he believes is Cole, to avenge his dead family.
If you don’t know who David Warner is, here’s his profile:

2. Cole leads again only he is still battling the Beast from within

Here’s an interesting look of both endings. In the bad ending Cole becomes The Beast and in the good ending Cole dies (or it would seem). Now the RFI was design to take the powers of the conduits away as well as killing them in the process. So where exactly does all that power go? It is very possible to make both endings connect with each other. In the bad ending Cole becomes the beast, but what if in the good ending Cole has actually slipped into a deep coma and all that power that was taken was absorbed into Cole body. If you know anything about Cole, then it’s that he could survive nearly anything. Before Cole had powers and before he meet Trish, he was run over by a truck directly head on. Not only that, but he also had both his feet run over. Now one night in the hospital and he manages to walk off with a few scrapes and bruises as if nothing happened. It would be no surprise if Cole ended up waking from this as well.

The game would be created so that for Good Karma, Cole would be trying to cure or get rid of what’s inside of him. As for the Evil Karma, Cole would continue with what John started.

The only issue with this idea is that Zeke dies in the evil ending, but survives the good ending. This could create issues with the story.

3. A new leading character

This is going based off the evil ending of inFAMOUS 2. Cole has gain control of an immense army of super powered Conduits. You play as a character who is to activated by Cole, only you and a few other Conduits don’t agree with Cole ways. This eventually splits the conduit into two sides.

On one side we have the Conduits who want to end Humanity.

On the other we have those who are here to protect Humanity.

As for the Karma system, everything would remain intact as it was in previous games. Meaning that you can still choose to have evil or good choices.

4. DARPA Take Over

Once again if you have read the comics then you’ll know where this part is coming from. My theory is, if Kessler would not have went back in time, the Ray Sphere designs would be in complete hands of DARPA. But, as fate would have it, Kessler shared the information with the DARPA undercover Agent Moya. While showing off the progress of what the Rays Sphere could do, Moya started her own little plans. The first part of the plan was the capture the Alden, who was still alive after Cole defeated him. They were successful at doing this and began examining all his organs and such. The second part was Sasha. Although she wasn’t killed during capture, the DARPA did manage to extract a good amount of the toxic Gas she emits. They used to capture Cole by creating hallucination of him seeing Trish.

Eventually this leads up to David Warner. While being attacked by him, the DARPA releases some of their own super powered test subjects. This was all possible from Kessler research. So the question is, what do they need these super human mutants for? Perhaps they were preparing for the Beast and planned on using them against it.

5. Multiplayer or some sort of MMO Mode

The final idea is what many fans thought after completing inFAMOUS 2 with Evil Karma. inFAMOUS doesn’t seem like a game that would need any form of competitive, team versus team, type of multiplayer. Online Co-op is understandable. However, if Uncharted 2 showed us anything about multiplayer, its that even single player games could make it work.

Here are just some ideas fans have been saying:

MMO Style, much like DC Universe is where we will be able to create out own Conduits and have to choose from a selected amount of powers. The gameplay will remain the same as in previous Infamous game with an added leveling up system.
Personally the idea sound great on paper, but i still don’t believe that inFAMOUS needs multiplayer.


Some sort of competitive mode to go with Idea #3. it could be a Carbon copy of Uncharted Online except instead of guns we are using powers.

Personally i wouldn’t want an online mode to the game, other then the UGC, but if Sucker Punch could make it work then why not.

These are just some of the ideas that we decided to jolt down in this piece. What do you guys think? Have any of your own? Please share in the comment section below.