About Us


TheParanoidGamer was formed with the idea of bringing cutting edge gaming news on as many platforms as possible with the allure of the paranormal. There are so many things that we don’t know in regards to ghosts, UFO’s, conspiracies and it’s our goal to provide a level-headed approach to unveiling any new news or evidence regarding any of these fields. What happens after death? Are we alone in the universe? These are all questions TheParanoidGamer is committed to exploring. We also want to provide a place where people can share their paranormal experiences without being ridiculed.

On the gaming side we are committed to providing a non-biased approach to delivering news, previews, and reviews to our readers. You can expect everything from press releases to comprehensive reviews. TheParanoidGamer was formed by some staff from PS3Vault.com. PS3Vault is a widely respected PlayStation 3 site and TheParanoidGamer hopes to earn the same respect PS3Vault has garnered over the years.