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New 3DS Updates Begin Support of Amiibos For Older 3DS Handhelds

by Todd Blackon March 24, 2015
When Nintendo announced the New Nintendo 3DS XL, one of the big selling points was the inclusion of NFC scanner in the hardware itself to allow Amiibo’s to be used on games like Super Smash Bros. 3DS. Along with other future titles. However, this left many 3DS users (especially ones who can’t afford the newer […]

Sakurai Confirms Mewtwo is “Coming Soon”

by Todd Blackon March 22, 2015
Masahiro Sakurai, aka the man/myth/legend behind the Super Smash Bros. series has stated that the highly-anticipated DLC featuring fan-favorite character Mewtwo is “pretty much done”. Thus, they’re still on track to release the character this Spring. Mewtwo is the first ever DLC character to arrive in Smash Bros. Ever since his arrival in Melee on […]


Sega Admits Sonic Boom Did NOT Work, Future of the Series In Question

by Todd Blackon March 19, 2015
Sonic the Hedgehog has a very curious history. He shot out like a rocket and wowed gamers with his high speed and attitude, which was meant to be an antithesis to Mario. And it worked. Gamers loved his titles. Then…slowly…his games started getting worse. Now, even though he’s got a great comics line, and even […]

My Top 5 Nintendo Franchises

by Todd Blackon March 18, 2015
I am a Nintendo Fanboy. It’s who I am. My first taste of video gaming was a Game Boy. My first console was a SNES. I remember the joy when I got a Pokemon Stadium N64 bundle pack for Christmas, and  the pride I felt when I saved enough money to buy the Nintendo Gamecube, Wii, and […]

Nintendo Direct

New Nintendo Partner DeNA Believes They Can Get 100 Million Daily Users For Mobile Titles?

by Todd Blackon March 18, 2015
The events of yesterday are still sifted through today. To recap, Nintendo has partnered with mobile gaming company DeNA to make original titles featuring their characters for smart phones. The world has reacted to this in numerous ways. Some like it, some don’t, and of course some are unsure. One person who is really upbeat […]
Nintendo Direct

Nintendo To Make Smart Phone Mobile Games With New Partner, New Console Outlined

by Todd Blackon March 17, 2015
Nintendo dropped a major bombshell today by announcing a partnership with DeNA, a Japanese mobile gaming company, to help develop games for said devices featuring Nintendo properties. To be clear, they aren’t porting titles to smartphone devices, they’re creating new, original titles. “There are significant differences in the controls, strengths and weaknesses between the controllers for […]


Shovel Knight Is Coming To PS4, PS3, and PS Vita

by Matthew Bandeiraon December 6, 2014
At the PlayStation Experience event, Sony revealed that Shovel Knight is coming to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. Shovel Knight originally launched earlier this year in June on the Wii U, 3DS, and PC. The game will play similar to the other versions of the game, though there will be one difference. […]

Pikmin 3 Animated Shorts Available Now

by Kevin Priceon November 6, 2014
The Pikmin 3 20-minute shorts are now available for purchase, announced during Nintendo Direct today. Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario and The Legend of Zelda franchises, showed off a Pikmin animation at the Tokyo International Film Festival this year, and now those shorts are available for purchase. The three shorts are available for a $5 […]