Nintendo Isn’t Currently Making Controller For Mobile Titles

by Todd Blackon July 6, 2016
Nintendo recently held its Shareholders meeting, and in it discussed many aspects of the company. One such topic was the mobile market Nintendo has been attempting to get into. During the conference, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima noted how well the app was doing: Miitomo has been downloaded more than 10 million times (by unique users) […]
The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes

Next Console Zelda Game Could Have Multiplayer

by Todd Blackon June 24, 2016
While not new to the Legend of Zelda franchise, as Four Swords and Tri-Force Heroes had it, the idea of a console Zelda game having multiplayer has long been a desire by fans. While it’s clear that the upcoming Breath of the Wild won’t have it, according to producer Eiji Aonuma, it could be in […]


Nintendo Making “New Kind Of Mario Game”

by Todd Blackon June 17, 2016
For some game franchises, it’s really hard to keep things new and interesting. A key example of this is Mario. Though Nintendo has used Mario to launch new franchises, and even put him in numerous genres himself, the main Super Mario titles don’t change very much. In fact, the last “true” revolution for Mario game […]

Pokemon Sun/Moon Gets New Details

by Todd Blackon June 2, 2016
A new trailer and a slew of new details has come to the official Pokemon website for Pokemon Sun and Moon. In the new trailer we learn about the two legendary Pokemon of the Alola region, Solgaleo, and Lunala. Including seeing their special attacks. We also get details on the Alola region, which is a […]


Nintendo CEO Gives Update On Miitomo

by Todd Blackon May 16, 2016
One of the big new initiatives Nintendo currently has is the mobile initiative, where they want to put their most popular IP’s on smartphones for gamers to enjoy. The first of these games was Miitomo, an offshot of their popular Mii characters. In an interview, translated by NeoGaf, Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima gave an update […]

Pokemon Sun And Moon Details Revealed!

by Todd Blackon May 10, 2016
Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have released a video that has shown off many new details about the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games. First up, the games will release on November 18th of this year, so the wait will not have to be as long as many thought. Second, the new region will called Alola. […]


Nintendo Has Big Plans For Miitomo and Other Mobile Games

by Todd Blackon April 1, 2016
Nintendo has taken it’s first big step into the mobile game market with the release of Miitomo, it’s game/communication app that features their popular Mii’s. Nintendo has stated that they wanted to release five mobile games within the year, and this release is huge in making that goal happen. However, in an interview IGN, Nintendo’s […]

SXSW Game Of The Year Winners Announced!

by Todd Blackon March 20, 2016
South By South West held their annual game awards ceremony this weekend. Several games won several awards, but it was Witcher III: Wild Hunt that took the  top honor, along with other awards such as Excellence in Narrative and Excellence in Technical Achievement. The full list of winners from all categories at SXSW are as […]