Gaming: The Harbinger of the Singularity?

by Rustyn Clarkon April 6, 2015
Is AI learning from human input and interaction? Will this bring our Robot Overlords to power? Don’t want the lesson? Skip to The Conspiracy! Defining the Singularity Singularity – The advent of Artificial Intelligence that exceeds that of its human creators. Along with becoming smarter than humans, these computers and machines also gain sentience and break […]

Conspiracy Corner: Lavender Town Syndrome

by Kyle Robisonon May 7, 2013
Many children in the United States grew up with a Game Boy. Many of those children fell in love with Pokemon. However, there is an urban legend surrounding a particular area of the original Japanese release of Pokemon Red and Green in early 1996. I’m talking of course, of the infamous “Lavender Town Syndrome”.


Everyday Paranormal Experiences, Interview #8

by on September 28, 2012
I’m pretty skeptical about people’s stories – especially the more bizarre and flamboyant they get, but I’m not interviewing people to judge their credibility.  I’m interviewing them to hear about all the different experiences people have (or claim to) with the paranormal, be it ghosts, aliens, monsters, or other unexplained phenomena.  The experience I will […]

What are Number Stations?

by Kyle Robisonon September 22, 2012
For a very long time, the paranormal and certain conspiracies typically consisted of stories and eye-witness accounts that were difficult to verify, alongside the occasional jittering low-resolution photo or video. This makes accounts of the paranormal or theories of government and/or corporate conspiracy widely panned by the majority, with only a small few embracing the […]


Is World War III in the pipeline?

by harleyquinnon September 16, 2012
It has been a while since we’ve posted anything conspiracy related, however things have been blowing up around the world over the last few months. The video below is less than 15 minutes long, but does an excellent job of detailing some of the events over the last 50 years that have several people worried […]

Iconic franchises here to stay possibly signalling shrinking innovation in gaming

by ImmortalPhoenixon August 1, 2012
         The mentality of the gamers has shifted a lot since the 1990’s. Back then, sequels were looked at with caution and most people looked for originality in games and “The next best thing”.          You never went to your friends home and said, “Hey do you have the new version of ______” or “Are […]


EX-CIA Agent Says 1945 Roswell Incident “really happened.”

by Jameson July 10, 2012
New Mexico, home of the 1947 Roswell Incident . That day, reports came in of a flying object crashing to the ground. The military issued a press release the following day claiming that they recovered a “flying disc”. The next day they issued another press release saying that the “flying disc” was actually a Radar […]

Miami Police Shoots a Naked Man Who Allegedly Was Found Eating Another Person

by Jameson May 28, 2012
Around 2pm on Saturday, a Miami Police officer opened fire on a naked man. While at first this may seem wrongful, it was what the naked man was found doing that startled the police officer to open fire.