E3 2011 Coverage

Want to write for TheParanoidGamer?

by Robert Strickon March 15, 2012
We are currently looking for anyone interested in writing for TheParanoidGamer. Are you interested in breaking into the gaming industry? Do you want to write about the unknown? At this point we are looking for volunteer positions. If this idea interests you hit the break to view more information regarding this opportunity.

Forza Motorsport 4 Kinect Gameplay

by Jameson June 21, 2011
Here is a demo video of Forza 4 Kinect controls. The demo demonstrates the aspect of both Kinect, along with how much details went into implementing Kinect.


Mass Effect 3 Gameplay with Executive Producer Casey Hudson

by Jameson June 20, 2011
Here’s a closer look at the demo of Mass Effect 3 that was shown off recently at E3. In this gameplay video interview with executive Producer Casey Hudson, a wealth of Mass Effect 3 features and updates are introduced giving you more behind scenes on what you can expect while behind the gun of commander […]

E3 2011: RAGE Hands-on

by Robert Strickon June 14, 2011
Last year we were ranting and raving about RAGE, a hauntingly beautiful shooter from the minds of Doom. Thankfully, this year RAGE was playable at Bethesda’s booth and we were able to get some quality hands-on time with it. Hit the break to view our first hands-on impressions of RAGE.


E3 2011: Mass Effect 3 “Fall of Earth” Trailer

by Robert Strickon June 13, 2011
In the words of Commander Shepard, “We fight, or die”. Witness a brief taste of Shepard’s quest to reclaim Earth from a Reaper invasion. Hit the break to view the trailer and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comment section.

E3 2011: Dark Souls Hands-on

by Robert Strickon June 12, 2011
It would be a mild understatement to say I was a fan of From Software’s critically acclaimed RPG Demon’s Souls. While From Software isn’t exactly creating a sequel it’s apparent that Dark Souls is Demon’s Souls with a slightly new skin. Hit the break to view our first impressions of Dark Souls.


E3 2011: Ace Combat Assault Horizons Trailer

by Robert Strickon June 12, 2011
Step into the battle as ACE COMBAT ASSAULT HORIZONS brings more high-speed and destruction from NAMCO BANDAI Games and Team Aces.  Assault Horizon invigorates the franchise and brings intense action into the fore, with in-air acrobatics, counter-maneuvers and new destructive effects that show buildings shattering and aircrafts getting shredded to pieces. This all-new sneak peek […]

E3 2011: Trials Evolution launching later this year on Xbox Live Arcade

by Robert Strickon June 11, 2011
RedLynx has officially announced Trials Evolution for Xbox LIVE Arcade, the follow-up to its best-selling, critically acclaimed hit, Trials HD. “Trials Evolution is more than just a sequel to Trials HD,” said Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director of RedLynx. “We listened carefully to all the feedback we received from the previous game and added it to […]