Assassin's Creed - books in November

Assassin’s Creed Movie To Mimic Fighting Style And Flow Of Games

by Todd Blackon May 15, 2016
Part of the problem of doing video game adaptations is that it can be hard at times to mimic what happens in the games. Whether it be through story, locations, mythology, or even what is going on via the gameplay. This was a problem at first for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed film, but as time […]

Gaming: The Harbinger of the Singularity?

by Rustyn Clarkon April 6, 2015
Is AI learning from human input and interaction? Will this bring our Robot Overlords to power? Don’t want the lesson? Skip to The Conspiracy! Defining the Singularity Singularity – The advent of Artificial Intelligence that exceeds that of its human creators. Along with becoming smarter than humans, these computers and machines also gain sentience and break […]


Destiny Beta Diary

by JustineLQNOon July 23, 2014
Destiny Beta Diary Over the next ten days, I’m going to be taking an in-depth look at Destiny, the beta and everything else to do with the build of the game that’s currently being loved on the PlayStation 3 and 4. I’ll be updating this page on a daily basis with new information, based on […]
PlayStation Vita

The Time Is Right To Pick Up A PlayStation Vita

by JustineLQNOon July 21, 2014
The Time Is Right To Pick Up A PlayStation Vita There’s an unhealthy perception in the gaming industry that the PlayStation Vita is struggling, and that it lacks a solid library games. In actual fact, there has never been a greater time to pick up a Vita; here I’m going to run down why now […]

Dark Souls 2 Artwork

Is Dark Souls The New Benchmark for Gaming?

by JustineLQNOon July 15, 2014
Is Dark Souls The New Benchmark for Gaming? Gaming has always had its benchmark titles; those games that stand out head and shoulders above the rest, those that set the trends other studios work towards or try to best. These seminal titles are considered to be the benchmarks of which other games, and sequels, are judged; […]

EA Were Charging for Game Demos

by JustineLQNOon July 4, 2014
EA Were Charging for Game Demos There was some slightly worrying news for gamers from Australia and the UK today as EA were charging for game demos on Xbox platforms. Game demos seem to be on the decline as a whole, particularly on consoles; head into the PSN or Xbox store and you’ll be doing well […]


Do violent video games really cause violent behavior?

by Charles Khengon January 23, 2014
Video games have come under much scrutiny, but like all new media, researchers, news outlets and concern individuals have taken it upon themselves to find a relation between senseless mass murders and violent video games. It was back in 1965 where psychologist Albert Bandura developed the social learning theory to understand how children were socialized […]

Review: Rocksmith 2014 Edition

by Kyle Gaddoon November 21, 2013
It’s been a hell of a journey. Two years ago, the first Rocksmith came onto the scene, but was unfortunately loaded with problems like poor menu design, commonplace issues with lag (not always eliminated by analog audio solutions in some setups), and some detection issues not necessarily tied to player skill. With the coming of […]