JRPG Legends Combine To Make Battle Champs

by Todd Blackon July 18, 2016
When you talk JRPG’s, the names Akihiko Yoshida and Hitoshi Sakimoto will eventually come into the conversation, as they have helped draw, design, and compose many games across the decades. Including Final Fantasy titles, Vagrant Story, and more. Now, they’re teaming up once again with CyDesignation to make a new mobile title called Battle Champs. […]

Niantic Talks Birth of Pokemon Go

by Todd Blackon July 11, 2016
Pokemon has only been out a week, and only in three countries, but it already has had a massive impact. Nintendo Stock has risen, it’s been downloaded millions of times, and it looks to be the next true phenomenon. It didn’t start that way though, it started as a simple idea from developer Niantic. The […]


Nintendo CEO Gives Update On Miitomo

by Todd Blackon May 16, 2016
One of the big new initiatives Nintendo currently has is the mobile initiative, where they want to put their most popular IP’s on smartphones for gamers to enjoy. The first of these games was Miitomo, an offshot of their popular Mii characters. In an interview, translated by NeoGaf, Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima gave an update […]
Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions Goes to Civil War

by Jeffrey Harrison April 28, 2016
With Captain America: Civil War about to hit theaters next month, it makes sense that other Marvel properties are itching to get a piece of the action. One such property is the mobile fighting game, Marvel Contest of Champions mobile video game. Marvel Entertainment and Kabam have announced that a new update has been released for […]

Mega Man

Capcom Aims To Grow Mobile Market, Will Release Mega Man and Monster Hunter on Mobile

by Todd Blackon April 3, 2016
While it may have been a dream at one time, the phone/mobile game market is in a league all its own. And many of the top video game publishers are doing all they can to cash in on this huge market. In a statement, Capcom has announced that they are restructuring part of their company […]

SXSW Game Of The Year Winners Announced!

by Todd Blackon March 20, 2016
South By South West held their annual game awards ceremony this weekend. Several games won several awards, but it was Witcher III: Wild Hunt that took the  top honor, along with other awards such as Excellence in Narrative and Excellence in Technical Achievement. The full list of winners from all categories at SXSW are as […]


Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods Announced

by Jeffrey Harrison March 13, 2016
Dark being are coming to Hearthstone, from the depths of Azeroth lore. Blizzard Entertainment has announced the next expansion for Hearthstone, which is called Whispers of the Old Gods. You can check out the cinematic reveal trailer for the expansion in the video player below. The new expansion was confirmed during the kickoff of Hearthstone’s Americas […]
Fallout Shelter - Bethesda

Bethesda Wants More Mobile Games Like Fallout Shelter

by Jeffrey Harrison February 20, 2016
It looks like Fallout Shelter, the companion mobile game and app made for Fallout 4, was so successful that Bethesda Softworks is feeling good about creating more mobile game experiences. Speaking at the 2016 DICE Summit, Fallout 4 game director Todd Howard told Gamespot that the studio wants to invest more in the mobile gaming space, […]