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Star Wars Visceral

Visceral Star Wars Game Teased

by Todd Blackon July 17, 2016
There are many Star Wars games in production right now, one of which is being made by Visceral. At a panel at Star Wars Celebration, Amy Hennig explained that in studying the Star Wars films, “the first thing that jumped out was that these are always ensemble stories […] So the same is true of […]
Hideo Kojima - Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima Has No Plans To Stop Making Games

by Todd Blackon July 13, 2016
Hideo Kojima is known as a living legend with the gaming community. He’s also known for incredibly detailed and intricate stories, no doubt made famous by his run on Metal Gear Solid. For the longest time, Kojima worked at Konami, but then last year the company broke off ties with him in a very public […]


Niantic Talks Birth of Pokemon Go

by Todd Blackon July 11, 2016
Pokemon has only been out a week, and only in three countries, but it already has had a massive impact. Nintendo Stock has risen, it’s been downloaded millions of times, and it looks to be the next true phenomenon. It didn’t start that way though, it started as a simple idea from developer Niantic. The […]

Peter Moore Talks Future Of Gaming

by Todd Blackon May 11, 2016
Peter Moore has been in the video games industry for quite some time, and now as the leader of EA’s ESports division, he has even more experience. Experience that has given him an interesting view on the future of gaming, which he shared with the Daily Orange. Primarily, there won’t be consoles for much longer: […]


Console Market Entering “Dangerous” Time In Japan

by Todd Blackon April 12, 2016
Japan and America have always been very different when it comes to the games they like, and how they approach video games. When the video game crash of 1983 was occurring in the US, Japan was still enjoying its video games like nothing else. Now, while the US and other countries continue to enjoy the […]

Evolution Studios Now At Codemasters

by Todd Blackon April 11, 2016
The team at Evolution Studios, which were the brains behind the Drive Club and Motorstorm franchises, recently had to close their doors as a developer, that is, until the whole team were brought into Codemasters. Codemasters has been refocusing their brand into a “racing powerhouse”, and thus the addition of the former Evolution Studios team […]


Take-Two Aims For Big 2016

by Todd Blackon February 25, 2016
Take-Two is one of the big publishers in the gaming industry, and yet, the year 2015 was relatively quiet from them. They had certain big titles, and releases, but not as big as many have expected from them. In an interview with MCV, CEO Strauss Zelnick talked about the upcoming year, and what Take-Two’s goal […]

The NBA 2K16 Version of Stephen Curry Can’t Match The Real Thing

by Todd Blackon February 24, 2016
When it comes to simulation games, especially ones that deal with sports, the desire to be accurate is paramount. As they want gamers to truly feel like they’re playing as their favorite sports characters. However, as its a game, they want it to be fair and balanced, which most times isn’t hard to do. But, […]