Next Generation

Best-Selling Video Games in 2015: The New Console Generation Finally Takes Over

by Jeffrey Harrison October 6, 2015
The year of 2015 is far from over, but there have already been a hefty amount of best-selling video games that have dropped and sold massive numbers of copies throughout the world. 2015 looks like a stronger year for games than 2014 when you look at titles such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Mortal Kombat […]
Guitar Hero Live

Apple TV Will Feature Guitar Hero Live, Skylanders SuperChargers and More

by Jeffrey Harrison September 9, 2015
During today’s special Apple conference, Apple and Activision announced that Apple TV will have video game support later this fall. This includes Guitar Hero Live, Skylanders SuperChargers and Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved. What does this mean? Gamers will be able to play all these games at home in their living rooms with Apple TV, […]


Ubisoft To Open Theme Park With Assassin’s Creed and Rabbids Attractions

by Todd Blackon September 8, 2015
There’s been a growing trend of bringing video game properties to life in the form of theme park attractions. They started small, then Nintendo came out and unveiled that they would be going full scale into doing this, with games dedicated to Mario, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon and more. Now, it appears that Ubisoft is […]
Total War

Total War: Warhammer Will Be The Compilation Of Years Of Ideas

by Todd Blackon August 22, 2015
It’s natural for a franchise to always want to improve as time goes on and advancements in technology arise. But for some, it’s just hard to pinpoint how big to go. For the Total War franchise, it’s never had a problem with scale per se, but it has been a while since a new title […]

American McGee's Alice

American McGee Thanks Fans for Petition to Bring Back Alice Video Game Series

by Todd Blackon August 22, 2015
Just as there are cult movies, or cult classic TV series, there are games that are fan-favorites but don’t do well in sales. One of them appears to be the Alice series by American McGee. Currently, there’s a petition going on for EA to allow another game in the series to come to life. creator McGee […]

Gearbox Software Becomes Full Owner of Duke Nukem

by Todd Blackon August 21, 2015
A fierce legal battle has been going on over the rights of the IP Duke Nukem. Gearbox Software, 3D Realms, and Interceptor Entertainment had been going at it for quite a while, and now, we have a resolution. Though certain details have not been made clear at present, the result of the settlement is that […]

Outer Wilds

Former Double Fine COO Launches New Crowdfunding Platform Fig

by Todd Blackon August 20, 2015
We live in an age of crowdfunding. What was once an impossible (or unlikely) avenue for raising money for projects is now a near everyday occurrence of a new idea, game, book, project, etc. getting fully funded and brought to life. Yet with all the crowdfunding sites out there, like Kickstarter, Patreon, Indiegogo, there is […]

Disney Reveals Hulk Playmation Set

by Todd Blackon August 19, 2015
Disney is never one to settle for what it has, many times they push the boundaries of what’s been done to see if they can make something special, or new and innovative. That is the logic behind their upcoming Playmation series of interactive toys that’s meant for kids to have “real” interactive adventures with modern […]