Polybius Conspiracy Hits Kickstarter

by Todd Blackon May 20, 2015
In any medium, there are tales and mysteries that boggle the mind. Many are false, but there are a few that true that make you wonder how it ever could have happened. For video games, this is no different. There are tales and legends that have come from numerous generations of consoles and handhelds, but […]

Gaming: The Harbinger of the Singularity?

by Rustyn Clarkon April 6, 2015
Is AI learning from human input and interaction? Will this bring our Robot Overlords to power? Don’t want the lesson? Skip to The Conspiracy! Defining the Singularity Singularity – The advent of Artificial Intelligence that exceeds that of its human creators. Along with becoming smarter than humans, these computers and machines also gain sentience and break […]


Playing Paranormal: Pyramid Head

by Diego Codinaon September 18, 2013
Playing Paranormal is the latest feature here at Paranoid Gamer. The idea is simple: to profile all of our favorite video game monsters/creatures and the creative minds behind them. For our inaugural episode we’re profiling one of the greats, one of the most iconic creatures from gaming’s past: Pyramid Head. Pyramid Head makes its first […]

Paranormal Profile: Banshee

by Christopher Deleanideson May 25, 2013
The Banshee is a creature of legend in Irish folklore. It is said to be a fairy woman that visits people, foretelling their deaths. Banshees are known for their blood curdling shrieks that are said to be heard near someone who is going to die soon. Banshees aren’t necessarily evil, at least not the Irish […]

1812 v7 St James Palace

Paranormal Pitstop: St James’s Palace

by Naeem Alion May 11, 2013
Constructed between 1531-1536 and commissioned by King Henry VIII, St James’s Palace was built upon the site of the former leper hospital in dedication to Saint James the Less. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of Joseph Sellis, Valet to Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, who himself was the brother of George […]
Whaley House

Paranormal Pitstop: Whaley House

by Christopher Deleanideson May 8, 2013
Considered by Time Magazine to be the most haunted house in America, Whaley House was home to a countless amount of people, and has experienced much activity in its history. The Whaley House was built in 1857 by Thomas Whaley, who was a wealthy businessman. Located in San Diego, it is perhaps one of the most […]


Paranormal Profiles: Onryo

by Daniel Flatton May 4, 2013
In our newest paranormal feature we will be taking a look at various creatures and spirits who are not altogether of this world. Gathered from various sources of mythologies and sightings, these are the things that go bump in the night. First up: the Japanese vengeance spirit Onryo.
Charleville Castle Balustrade

Paranormal Pitstop: Charleville Castle

by Christopher Deleanideson May 3, 2013
Built in Ireland around 1798, Charleville is a castle with a colorful history behind it. In fact, even the grounds that it was built upon have a history of their own. It is surrounded by an old forest that once belonged to the druids, ancient priests that to this day remain largely a mystery. Some […]