TheParanoidGamer Podcast Episode 11: A Year in Review

by Robert Strickon December 29, 2012
In Episode 11 of TheParanoidGamer podcast, Taylor, Robert, Jimmy and Phoenix take a look at how 2012 impacted them as gamers, along with making sure to get a few jabs toward some developers and titles.  [powerpress]  Intro song: The Submarines – 1940 End song: Journey Soundtrack – Apotheosis  As always feel free to give us […]

TheParanoidGamer Podcast Episode 10: To Infinity and Beyond!

by Robert Strickon October 21, 2012
In Episode 10 of TheParanoidGamer podcast, Daniel and Phoenix take a look at various paranormal topics and the prospect of life in the universe.


TheParanoidGamer Podcast Episode 9: A Trip to the Past

by Robert Strickon September 30, 2012
In episode 9 of TheParanoidGamer podcast, Taylor, Robert, Mike, and newcomer Kyle discuss the game’s that have made us the most paranoid along with discussing the impact things like Smart Glass and the Vita will have on the gaming industry. With a heavy focus on gaming this week, expect a heavy dose of the paranormal […]

TheParanoidGamer Podcast Episode 8: Us Against the World

by Robert Strickon September 22, 2012
In episode 8 of TheParanoidGamer podcast, Mike, Taylor, Daniel, Robert, and Immortal Phoenix discuss the recent controversy surrounding Daniel’s 10/10 score, along with providing insight into a ton of other subjects.

Then there were noen

TheParanoidGamer Podcast Episode 7: Then there were none

by Robert Strickon September 7, 2012
In episode 7 of TheParanoidGamer podcast, Daniel joins Taylor and Robert to discuss Darksiders II, Guild Wars 2, and we provide some insight into several paranormal locations.

TheParanoidGamer Podcast Episode 6: A Tale of Sleepy Dogs

by Robert Strickon August 19, 2012
In episode 6 of TheParanoidGamer podcast, Robert and Taylor discuss Gamescom 2012, new releases, and give a quick update on the status of the site.


TheParanoidGamer Podcast Episode 5: It could have been worse, right?

by Robert Strickon June 18, 2012
In episode 5 of The Paranoid Gamer podcast, Robert and Taylor reflect on the major conferences of E3 2012, and talk about the impact paranormal and conspiracy subjects have had on gaming.

Behind the Desk #4: E3 2012 (Hell Week) Begins

by Robert Strickon June 3, 2012
In this lengthy 4th edition of Behind the Desk, Taylor and Robert discuss last minute E3 predictions, and a variety of other subjects before the onslaught of news tomorrow.