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Nintendo NX Will “Avoid” Issues That Plagued 3DS and Wii U

by Todd Blackon July 3, 2015
Launching a video game console or handheld is not as easy as just putting it out there to sell. You need to test the console and its features, you need to ensure the games work for it, you need to make sure you advertise, and that gamers have a reason to buy your product. For Nintendo, […]

Tower Control Coming to Splatoon Tomorrow

by Todd Blackon July 1, 2015
Splatoon is about to get another massive update, and yes, this one is free as well. The Splatoon Tumblr page has revealed that the newest Ranked Battle mode, called Tower Control, will release tomorrow at 7pm PT. “Tomorrow, on 7/1 at 7 PM PT, a new Ranked Battle will be added to the game! This […]


Shovel Knight Is Coming To Retail Stores This October

by Todd Blackon July 1, 2015
Last year, a game called Shovel Knight came out, and it astounded both gamer and reviewer alike with its version of an old-school platforming adventure game, mixed in with some deep story and plenty of gameplay mechanics. For everything it did though, it didn’t do one “key” thing. It was never sold physically, only as […]
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Pac-Man Was Nearly Cut From Super Smash Bros.

by Todd Blackon June 28, 2015
Super Smash Bros. is the standard when it comes to putting numerous characters from beloved franchises into a fighting game. Tight gameplay, simplistic yet deep controls, and nostalgia galore, Smash Bros. is the place to be when it comes to fighting as your favorite characters, and each new version is bigger and better. In the latest […]

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo’s “Secrecy” in Regards to NX Revealed

by Todd Blackon June 27, 2015
Nintendo is a lot of things, but rarely are they too secretive. They’ll hold back information for a better time, but usually we get an inkling of what to expect from them. In regards to their upcoming new console, codenamed NX, we don’t have much at all. We do know that it’s intended to be a […]
E3 2015

E3 2015: Reviewing the Big Three’s Press Conferences

by Todd Blackon June 26, 2015
And so a week has passed since the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo, and needless to say, a lot happened. New games were announced, titles were given release dates, and surprises were littered throughout the week. At the center of these were Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo’s E3 Press Conferences. Each had their own time to showcase what […]


Nintendo Knows of Fan Desire For Return of Metroid

by Todd Blackon June 24, 2015
At E3 last week, Nintendo made a bold move by revealing Metroid Prime: Federation Force, a Metroid game does not feature Samus at all. For Metroid fans, this was a slap in the face. The Metroid fanbase has been very vocal in that they want a return for the Metroid series in the vein of the […]

Zombi Coming to Xbox One?

by Todd Blackon June 22, 2015
Say what you will about the Wii U, but one thing it honestly had at the beginning of its run was console exclusives. Ubisoft even went so far as to give the Wii U two of its games exclusively. True, Rayman Legends later went multi-platform, but the intent was still there. Though not a success, ZombiU […]