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Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero May Have Online Play

by Todd Blackon January 23, 2016
In the modern age of gaming, it is rare for big name titles to not have some type of online play. There are exceptions of course, but, the age of playing with your friends, or even just battling people from all over the world, is now such a time honored tradition, it’s weird when certain […]

What Are The Best Selling Games From 2015? Find Out Here!

by Todd Blackon January 14, 2016
Sales are everything in the world of video games, and for December, and the year that was 2015, there were numerous big titles that released. NPD has unveiled who were some of the big winners, including who was the best in both the month of December, and in 2015 full stop. The December top 10 list […]


Dice Awards Reveal Their Nominees, Led By Witcher 3

by Todd Blackon January 13, 2016
The Dice Awards have selected their nominees for various categories. From action titles, to sports, and of course Game of the Year, nothing has been left out. Interestingly enough, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, leads the nominations with eight. You can check out the full breakdown of game nominations here, but below you’ll find some […]

Nintendo to Reveal NX Before E3

by Todd Blackon January 6, 2016
There has been a lot of buzz and anticipation concerning the next Nintendo platform, the NX. Which is interesting given we know little to nothing about it. It’s widely believed that we’ll learn more about the NX this year, the question though was when. Well, a report from Nomura Securities, which analyzes sales data to […]


Gamer Keeps Console On For 20 Years To Preserve Game Data

by Todd Blackon December 29, 2015
Save data means a lot to some gamers, some more than others. In some ways, save data is how we show people how far we’ve progressed in the game. In others, it shows that we’ve beaten a game, or went all out to beat a game. Yet for one gamer, it was literally a matter […]

Runbow Developer States More Content Is Coming

by Todd Blackon December 26, 2015
Runbow, an indie game made exclusively for Wii U by developer 13am Games, has been in development for quite some time, and was released earlier this year. And yet, the developer states that though they’re glad it’s out, and is being enjoyed by gamers, they still have stuff they want to bring to Runbow over […]

Pokken Tournament

Pokken Tournament Getting Special Controller

by Todd Blackon December 24, 2015
Pokken Tournament is quite the unusual title, but one that is gaining quite a following here in the states. The use of Pokemon in a straight up fighting game, one that’s being made by the creators of Tekken, seems to point to this being quite a unique experience, yet one that will fully embrace the […]

New Super Mario Maker Update Broken Down

by Todd Blackon December 18, 2015
The newest update for Super Mario Maker is going to be bringing much more than people might expect, including some rather revolutionary items to the Mario franchise that have never been done before. In a discussion with IGN, Director Yosuke Oshino talked about these additions. First up? A fireball shooting Koopa clown car. “There haven’t […]