Wii U
Eiji Aonuma Confirms The Legend of Zelda Wii U Footage Was In-Game

Zelda Wii U Delayed To 2017, Will Come To NX

by Todd Blackon April 27, 2016
In one of many bombshell announcements at the Nintendo Financial Meeting, Zelda Wii U has once again been delayed, this time being pushed back to 2017. “Though originally scheduled for 2016, the release of the latest “The Legend of Zelda” title is postponed until 2017, to allow further improvement of quality” the tweet reads. “Thank […]

Nintendo Has Big Plans For Miitomo and Other Mobile Games

by Todd Blackon April 1, 2016
Nintendo has taken it’s first big step into the mobile game market with the release of Miitomo, it’s game/communication app that features their popular Mii’s. Nintendo has stated that they wanted to release five mobile games within the year, and this release is huge in making that goal happen. However, in an interview IGN, Nintendo’s […]


Mario Could Still Appear In Wreck-It Ralph 2

by Todd Blackon March 24, 2016
Wreck-It Ralph was a truly fun film when it came out, showing not only an original video game universe of sorts, but one that felt true and fun. The film featured almost innumerous cameos from video game history including Qbert, Street Fighter, Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog and more. The sequel has long been rumored, but […]
Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge Coming to Xbox One and Wii U

by Jeffrey Harrison March 14, 2016
The critically acclaimed, award-winning video game Axiom Verge has been confirmed for an Xbox One and Wii U release for later this year. Creator Tom Happ officially made the announcement today. The retro-style game will be available for the Xbox One and the Nintendo eShop for Wii U sometime in 2016. Axion Verge is an […]

Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero Is “Reimagining” of Star Fox 64

by Todd Blackon March 14, 2016
Star Fox Zero is heading to Wii U on April 22nd, but fans are still curious as to what exactly Star Fox Zero is. The name implies a prequel of sorts, and yet this kind of looks like a sequel in some ways. During an interview with Time Magazine, Star Fox Producer Shigeru Miyamoto revealed […]

We Won’t Get Arwing Amiibo

by Todd Blackon March 5, 2016
During the recent Nintendo Direct, the company revealed that Star Fox Zero would be releasing April 22nd, which came as a relief for fans as the title had been delayed many times. However, many were wondering whether a brand new Amiibo, the popular figurines from Nintendo, would be released alongside the game. As it turns […]

Women of Power

Women of Power Event Coming To Marvel Games

by Todd Blackon March 3, 2016
Marvel Comics has a plethora of amazing and powerful female heroes. Many of whom are featured in their vast media lineup of shows, movies, comics, and video games. Now, Marvel is set to honor those female heroes with a “Women of Power” event spanning their entire video game lineup. “Marvel’s ‘Women of Power’ event celebrates […]
Skylanders Super Chargers

Skylanders Making Special Versions Of Characters To Promote Autism Awareness

by Todd Blackon February 29, 2016
Video game companies may be mostly about profit, however, they’re not above doing things for a cause. And when they do, it’s often a very good one. For Activision, they’ve taken the initiative and remodeled some of their popular Skylanders toys to resemble the colors of Autism Speaks, a group dedicated to making people aware […]