Wii U
New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Announces New Nintendo 3DS Systems Coming This Fall

by Jeffrey Harrison August 31, 2015
At this week’s GameStop Managers Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Nintendo announced that the New Nintendo 3DS console will launch in the US as part of a special bundle next month on September 25. The bundle will feature the new hand-held system, the upcoming Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer game, two cover plates and one […]
Shovel Knight Amiibo

Shovel Knight Amiibo Confirmed

by Todd Blackon August 29, 2015
Amiibo’s have literally taken over. Their sales are through the roof, and everyone (including yours truly) are trying to get their hands on their favorite characters, all the while wondering which Amiibo’s will be coming out next. A report stated that Yacht Club Games Shovel Knight, from the game of the same name, would be […]


Yarn Yoshi and Mewtwo Amiibo Release Dates Announced

by Todd Blackon August 25, 2015
Nintendo has been unveiling some very interesting things for fans and gamers in the last few days. First came the reveal of release dates for some of its really big holiday lineup, and now we’ve also gotten information about two highly anticipated Amiibos (via a press release) that’ll be coming this fall/holiday season as well. […]
Star Fox Zero

Nintendo Announces Release Date For Star Fox Zero and More

by Todd Blackon August 24, 2015
Nintendo has come out of nowhere today with a press release to unveil and confirm release dates for many of its big titles for both the Wii U and the 3DS later this year. Chief among these release dates is easily Star Fox Zero, which was officially unveiled at E3 this past year and given a […]


Could Nintendo Take Their Franchises to Films Again?

by Todd Blackon August 24, 2015
Video game movies have a tenuous existence in Hollywood. Either they’re decent, or they’re really bad. On the latter side, if you ask what film is the worst video game movie ever, most fans (who’ll admit seeing it) will say the Super Mario Bros. movie. Having had such bad experiences with that film, and seeing how […]
Disney Infinity 3.0

Disney Infinity 3.0: New Twilight of the Republic Trailer Features Some Old Favorites

by Jeffrey Harrison August 20, 2015
Disney Interactive has revealed a new trailer this week for Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition, showcasing the new Twilight of the Republic Play Set for the upcoming video game. You can check out the new trailer in the player below. The Twilight of the Republic Play Set comes with the new Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter […]


Splatoon Testfire Summer Camp Coming Soon

by Todd Blackon August 19, 2015
If you are a Wii U owner, and you haven’t gotten Splatoon yet, you might be missing out on quite a bit. The new IP from Nintendo that continues to sell and entertain gamers has gotten numerous updates since its launch in late May. Each of them are not only free, but add new content for players […]
Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition

Disney Infinity 3.0 Getting Many New Characters and Items

by Todd Blackon August 17, 2015
Disney Infinity 3.0 has already gotten off to a big start with the inclusion of numerous Star Wars characters and worlds. However, at the D23 games panel (documented by IGN), Disney Interactive revealed that there’s much more on the way. First up, several new characters are going to be coming, including Peter Pan, Olaf, Mulan, Mickey, […]