A Father of Gaming, Hiroshi Yamauchi, Passes at Age 85

by Daniel Flatton September 19, 2013
After a bout with pneumonia, Hiroshi Yamauchi passed away this morning at the age of 85. Mr Yamauchi was the third president of Nintendo and the second largest shareholder of the company. Chances are if you love gaming you owe it in part or whole to this man, who brought Nintendo from a card making company […]

EVO Concludes as mousesports Take ESL DOTA 2 Summer Finals

by Mike Stubbsyon July 20, 2013
This past weekend two major esports tournaments were held, EVO is one of the biggest esports events in the world and focuses entirely on fighting games while the Raid Call ESL Summer Finals in one of the many big summer DOTA 2 tournaments.


Skylanders monopoly grows with release of themed board game

by Craig Reynoldson July 16, 2013
From today, the US population can buy a Skylanders-inspired version of Hasbro’s fast-dealing property trading game Monopoly, all thanks to a special partnership between videogames publisher Activision and USAopoly.

Challenger Approaches: Captain Olimar Confirmed for Smash Brothers U

by Daniel Flatton July 12, 2013
The intrepid Captain Olimar returns in the newest Smash Brothers and he is looking ultra sexy in HD. In addition the newest Pikmin stage is showed a little in the background of the screenshots for the announcement. So are you excited about Olimar coming back? Disappointed? Let us know in the comments below. Head here […]


10 Characters I Want to See In Smash Brothers Wii U / 3DS

by Daniel Flatton July 10, 2013
One of the great joys of waiting on a new Smash Brothers is the rampant speculation and wishing for new characters to join the series. I fall prey to this desire just like any other fan of the game, and have come up with 10 characters I’d love to see in the newest iteration of […]
Angry Birds

Casual gamers and the state of the industry

by Christopher Deleanideson May 22, 2013
It seems that ever since the PlayStation hit the market, the video game industry has become more and more focused on bringing in people who aren’t really into video games. These people are sometimes referred to as “casuals” or “casual gamers”. Over time it seems as though the industry hasn’t even come close to getting […]

sonic lost world

Sega Teams With Nintendo For Three Excluisve Sonic Games

by Daniel Flatton May 20, 2013
In the newest Nintendo Direct it was announced that former big time rivals Nintendo and Sega will be teaming up to bring Sega’s most prolific mascot to Nintendo consoles for 3 exclusive games.

Nintendo claiming ad revenue from Youtube channels

by Charles Khengon May 19, 2013
Nintendo is claiming ad revenue from user-created Youtube videos which features the company’s games.