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Family Guy

Family Guy Mobile Game Gets Saw and Ash vs Evil Dead Content

by Jeffrey Harrison October 31, 2016
TinyCo has officially announced a new update for mobile game for Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff that should get horror movie fans and aficionados very excited. The new update is the final phase of the 2016 Halloween event for the game. It features appearances from characters from the Saw franchise and Ash Williams from […]
No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky Reportedly Under Investigation by Advertising Authority

by Jeffrey Harrison October 2, 2016
It looks like No Man’s Sky could be in trouble for over-promising on features that fans believe did not make it into the final product of the game. According to a report by Gamezone, the Advertising Standards Authority or ASA is currently investigating the controversial game after receiving “several complaints” against it. Previously, the game […]

PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony PlayStation Boss Explains Creation of the PS4 Pro

by Jeffrey Harrison September 11, 2016
The Guardian recently spoke to Sony Interactive Entertainment Head Andrew House, who talked about the recently unveiled PlayStation 4 Pro. This is a new version of the PS4 that will provide users with UHD 4K content and streaming video services such as Netflix and YouTube. According to House,PlayStation isn’t moving to 4K UHD discs for the […]
PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR: Move Controller Twin Pack Found at EB Games

by Jeffrey Harrison September 6, 2016
So it seems PlayStation Move controllers are not quite obsolete just yet. In fact, the Move controllers are going to be the main controllers for the new PlayStation VR hardware. And it seems there could be a potential option for gamers who want a VR headset to get some new move wand controllers as a […]


Game Review: Black Knight Sword

by Joe Guarinoon August 30, 2016
I have a tremendous respect for side-scrolling platformers that try to do things differently.  Recently, both Limbo and Fez became two of my more favorite modern side-scrollers; Limbo was one of my favorite creepfests ever and Fez actually made me use my brain and after completing levels, I felt pretty good about myself.  I accidentally […]

Review: State of Decay

by Josephon August 30, 2016
It goes without saying that zombies are in at the moment. Between the success of AMC’s The Walking Dead TV series and a slew of zombie infested movies and games, the flesh-eating undead are perhaps one of the most lucrative concepts for developers and publishers. What’s surprising is how diverse they’ve managed to stay; Dead […]

Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem 3D Re-Release on the Horizon

by Jeffrey Harrison August 26, 2016
It looks like Duke Nukem might be making another comeback this year. At least, it will come in the form of what appears to be a re-release of the classic Duke Nukem 3D game. GamesRadar uncovered that there is a countdown clock on the game’s official website. It’s counting down to September 2, the first day […]
Killing Floor

Killing Floor 2: Full Launch Set for November 18

by Jeffrey Harrison August 14, 2016
Per Eurogamer, Killing Floor 2 will finally launch for Windows PC and PlayStation later this fall. The game hits both playstation on November 18 for $39.99. The game was previously available as a Steam Early Access title for PC. But now, the game is finally getting its full launch very soon. The co-op shooter game […]