Could The “Last of Us” Be Epic Games PS3 Exclusive? Other Possibilities


Sony has been teasing us about this game for quite some time now. First they released a few teaser videos, which many assumed would be some sort of zombie type of game. This week we saw the first screenshots and wow do they look stunning. So who exactly is developing this game?

Epic Games:

A few years ago SCEA confirmed that Epic Games was working on a PS3 exclusive title. It was supposed to be revealed at that year’s E3; but that never happened. Since then, we haven’t heard of anything from that game. This title was said to be in the horror genre, which fits perfectly with the current information on Last of Us.

It’s not something many people actually considered, since Epic Games is usually associated with Microsoft, even though they’re multiplatform developers. However, they have been the only developer who have actually come out and said that they have something big planned for VGA’s this year. Is it possible that the Last of Us is from Epic Games? We think it’s a good possibility.

Geoff Keighley of Gametrailers also stated it would be a game that no one saw coming. Well I wouldn’t be all surprised if it was a game about zombie or something along that line. The developers however would shock me, especially if it was Epic Games. Yes we know that they are already making games for both console, but wouldn’t it be something if they had their own title only available on the PS3? To me that would be unexpected, even though it’s been rumored for some time now that they were planning on making a PS3 game.

Quantic Dream:

Another studio that has also been really quiet lately. Last year media outlets reported that Quantic Dream had been working on two brand new IP’s. One of them was rumored to be title Horizon, but that was later revealed that Quantic Dream claims no such project. David Cage then came out this year saying that he wanted to tackle the war genre. He states:

“A game about war is something I would like to do, just to see if we could get closer to the film side,” adding, “I’m going to work on it. It’s really something I want to do.” –

HipHopGamer also made a statement early this year that Quantic Dream next IP would rival that of the film Avatar in terms of graphics. Though it’s important to take anything he has to say with a *large* grain of salt.

I will agree that what has been shown just from these two screenshots that the game does indeed look amazing.  The theme once again could also fit with a war setting against some sort of virus. Could it also prove to have many emotional twists and turns? Perhaps.


Santa Monica:

Could the creators of God of War be creating a new IP? Well it’s already been confirmed that they are, along with the development of God of War 4. Rumor has it that Santa Monica wanted to go for an open world title. Perhaps a post apocalypse setting such as that of Fallout. Who knows, but they certainly have been pretty quiet since this released.


Absolutely stunning and hopefully we hear more on this title to if this isn’t it.


I don’t see it happening to be honest. They have always treated their PC fanbase well, and to announce a game just for PS3 just seems down-right bad. Even if it was for both PC and PS3, I still don’t see them cutting the 360 out. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I’m betting it’s not Valve. Some are saying it’s an actual tease for Half Life 3 or Left For Dead 3. I can see L4D3 being a possibility, but for HL3 I expect it to be an E3 announcement and more directed towards PC gamers.


This is another unlikely but possible developer. Like Valve, Bungie has been quiet. There’s been a few ideas of what they’re currently working on, however nothing concrete has been revealed. It’s important to note that Bungie did sign a 10 year publishing deal with Activision, so it’s unclear whether it’s possible.

Konami: The Work of Fox Engine?

Kojima is working on a new title as said in the interview down below. It’s doubtful that the Last of Us is actually Kojima’s project as he clearly states that the next game will be multiplat, but perhaps it’s possible that things might have changed.

If there’s someone familiar with horror titles though then it’ll be Konami.

Who do you guys think is developing Last of Us?