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New Hitman: Absolution Details

by on June 26, 2011

Revealed in the latest edition of Edge, they’re brand new details regarding Hitman: Absolution. Be sure to hit the break to check them all out. Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comment section.

  • Game is primarily set in Chicago
  • Begins with Agent 47 on the run from the Chicago police
  • IO’s Glacier 2 engine supposedly offer fantastic facial animations
  • Use of cover mechanics.
  • Bigger focus on staying hidden, rather than staying in disguise
  • Instinct mode highlights enemies and their patrols through walls.
  • No big scale map screen as in previous games.
  • Mini map still highlights points of interest
  • New threat meter is a grey circle that wavers in directions where enemies may spot 47
  • There will be lots of improvised weapons players can use that are unique to each location
  • Players can take hostages as human shields as in previous games
  • This hostage taking prompted some complex AI patterns in the demo, with cops fanning out realistically to keep sight of the target.
  • Levels will be divided into checkpoints for the first time.
  • Some stages will be as large as in old Hitman games, others will be much smaller
  • New structure allows for greater variety and complex set pieces, as well as story driven moments
  • Having a disguise doesn’t mean you’ll be able to fool everybody
  • Plot will be more personal to 47, with the Hitman knowing some of his targets.
  • 47 and Diana will have new voice actors
  • Hand to hand combat will be involved.
  • Instinct mode increases disguise effectiveness. As cops in the demo questions 47′s movements while he’s disguised as a police man, he enters instinct and uses his police radio to fool them
  • You’ll be completely safe in that disguise for as long as you want
  • Each disguise has safe spots, like a box of doughnuts for police men.
  • New engine offers on the fly editing for AI. AI can also affect group behavior now
  • The way crowds will be used will be different
  • Whatever you do, the AI will react to that dynamically