Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V: Zangief Is Back to Deliver More Pain

by Jeffrey Harrison October 3, 2015
Earlier this week, Capcom debuted a new trailer for the upcoming Street Fighter V game, confirming that classic character Zangief is back and returning to the roster for the latest installment in the classic fighting game franchise. You can check out the official Zangief reveal trailer below. It looks like Zangief has a lot of […]
Batman Arkham Knight: Opening Cinematic Sequence and E3 Gameplay Demo Revealed

Batman Arkham Knight PC to be Re-Released Late October

by Todd Blackon October 3, 2015
Arkham Knight PC had a disastrous launch, to the extent that Warner Bros had to pull the game from physical and digital shelves. An interim patch (one that fixed many, but not all, issues of the game was released a bit ago. And with the promise of more on the way, WB has announced via […]

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: Solar Fields Set to Compose Game’s Musical Score

by Jeffrey Harrison October 2, 2015
EA and DICE have officially announced that Swedish composer Solar Fields will return to compose the musical score for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Solar Fields returns after creating the soundtrack for the first Mirror’s Edge game. DICE is promising an elegant score to bring the city of Glass to life with iconic, electronic soundscapes. Speaking on his […]

Voice Cast of Minecraft: Story Mode Revealed!

by Todd Blackon October 2, 2015
Tell Tale Games is creating Minecraft: Story Mode for most major consoles and PC, and today via a press release, not only was more details about the game itself revealed, the voice cast for the game was revealed as well! “In Minecraft: Story Mode, playing as either a male or female hero named ‘Jesse,’ you’ll […]


SOMA Is a Huge Hit for Frictional Games and New Live-Action Web Series Expands on Storyline

by Jeffrey Harrison October 1, 2015
Frictional Games and Imagos Films have announced the launch of a new live-action video series based on the new hit first-person, survival, sci-fi video game SOMA. The new SOMA web series will dive deeper into the world of the game, and hint at what exactly happened on PATHOS-II. You can check out the first four […]
Star Wars Battlefront

Industry Analyst Believes Battlefront Won’t Save The Franchise

by Todd Blackon October 1, 2015
At one point in time, Star Wars Battlefront was the pinnacle of what Star Wars games could be. And the sales were huge. Then…it slowly died. Many fans were shocked that this happened. Now, we’re only a month or so away from the release of the revitalized Star Wars Battlefront, and many are excited. Yet […]

Fallout 4

Fallout 4: Install Size and New Charisma Video Revealed

by Jeffrey Harrison September 30, 2015
Some more Fallout 4 news dropped this week as the march to the highly anticipated next installment of the hit video game franchise draws ever so closer. First up, the product page for the game revealed that the install size for the game is 28.12 GB. The install size for the PlayStation and Windows PC […]

Tim Schafer’s Favorite Game He’s Made Is…

by Todd Blackon September 30, 2015
When you’re a company that’s made a bunch of games, especially ones that were very well received, one has to ask which is a personal favorite of the developers. For Double Fine and Tim Schafer, they’ve made an incredible lineup of games throughout the years, and decades! So you know there’s a lot to choose […]