Tower Control Coming to Splatoon Tomorrow

by Todd Blackon July 1, 2015
Splatoon is about to get another massive update, and yes, this one is free as well. The Splatoon Tumblr page has revealed that the newest Ranked Battle mode, called Tower Control, will release tomorrow at 7pm PT. “Tomorrow, on 7/1 at 7 PM PT, a new Ranked Battle will be added to the game! This […]

Shovel Knight Is Coming To Retail Stores This October

by Todd Blackon July 1, 2015
Last year, a game called Shovel Knight came out, and it astounded both gamer and reviewer alike with its version of an old-school platforming adventure game, mixed in with some deep story and plenty of gameplay mechanics. For everything it did though, it didn’t do one “key” thing. It was never sold physically, only as […]

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Will Not Move Towards Backward Compatibility

by Jeffrey Harrison June 30, 2015
One of the big announcements to come out of this year’s E3 was the announcement from Microsoft that the Xbox One would feature backward compatibility. This backwards compatibility will support the play of older Xbox 360 titles on the Xbox One console. Speaking to Polygon, Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida commented on the news. In short, […]

Rare Replay To Favor Gamers Who Played Rare Games On Xbox 360?

by Todd Blackon June 30, 2015
Ok, one of the more interesting reveals at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference was the reveal that Rare would be releasing a collection of many of their biggest titles on one disc called the Rare Replay.To help celebrate the 30 years of Rare being in the game industry. Part of the fun came when it […]

The Last of Us 2

Nolan North Says Naughty Dog is Working on The Last of Us 2

by Todd Blackon June 30, 2015
In the last generation of video games, easily one of the big standout games was The Last of Us. It was a game that not only touted incredible, lifelike visuals, but also a compelling story that tugged at many a heart strings, and it proved that games can tell just as deep a story as […]
Star Wars Battlefront

Visceral’s New Star Wars Game is ‘Along the Same Lines’ as Uncharted and 1313

by Jeffrey Harrison June 29, 2015
2015 will see the release of EA and DICE’s reboot of the Star Wars Battlefront franchise. However, a game that is arguably far more anticipated will be a new Star Wars action game from EA and Visceral, the developer behind the Dead Space franchise. What is more, the game is being directed by former visionary […]


Pokemon Shuffle Coming To Mobile Devices

by Todd Blackon June 29, 2015
Nintendo is officially beginning their trek to mobile devices! Or at least for their games anyway. Nintendo has announced that their incredibly popular Pokemon Shuffle game will be coming to mobile devices. In case you don’t know how shuffle plays, you play “By matching three or more Pokémon, players can deal damage and whittle down […]
Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Pipboy Won’t Work With Larger Phone Models

by Todd Blackon June 29, 2015
At E3, Bethesda announced that a special real-life Fallout 4 Pipboy would be included in the Collector’s Edition for the game. Utilizing your own phone and an app provided by Bethesda, it’ll work like a real Pipboy, making this a must have for diehard Fallout fans. However, Bethesda has revealed that the Pipboy will only work for […]