Wii U: Tokyo Street Demo Footage

by sknygyon January 12, 2012
I’ve not seen this before! Apparently it has been seen before but no screens or footage have been revealed until now…

Kid Icarus’s Strange New 3DS Accessory

by sknygyon January 12, 2012
Yet another weird looking accessory from Japan…


Ninja Gaiden 3: Multi-Player Trailer

by sknygyon January 12, 2012
Tecmo-Koei have released a new trailer for Ninja Gaiden 3, sweet…

Debut Code of Princess Trailer

by sknygyon January 12, 2012
It seems like we’ve known about this game for a while, but this is the first trailer to be released…


New Resident Evil: Revelations Screens

by sknygyon January 12, 2012
The wait for this game is starting to become unbearable, only a few more weeks…

Sonic the Hedgehog Progressive Ad

by Jameson January 11, 2012
Well this just seems a bit random. A new Progressive ad has been released and it’s featuring a very familiar blue Hedgehog


Want to write about the paranormal?

by harleyquinnon January 11, 2012
TheParanoidGamer is currently looking for writers interested in covering topics of paranormal origin.

Killzone Coming to PlayStation Store

by deanomac98on January 11, 2012
One of the great shooters from the PlayStation 2 era makes its way to the PlayStation Store in just a couple weeks!