Dark Souls DLC Sanctuary Guardian Video

by Taylor Parolinion June 26, 2012
Here we have a fairly detailed strategy video giving you some tips on how to tackle on of the many new enemies included in Dark Souls upcoming PC version and the future console DLC. It seems a little early to be giving advice for something that’s still a while off, but it’s still a nice […]
Nintendo - NX

Iwata “Nintendo to Return to Profit This Year”

by Andy Whitefieldon June 26, 2012
Japanese Newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun has featured a new interview with Satoru Iwata himself…


Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection available on North American PS Store

by Seán Whitearon June 26, 2012
Do you like light gun shooters and/or Resident Evil? You might want to look into getting Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection off of the PS Store.

The Amazing Spider-Man Launch Trailer

by Jameson June 26, 2012
The Amazing Spider-man officially launches today in North America. To celebrate, here’s the official launch trailer.


Crystal Dynamics names Lara Croft voice actress

by Craig Reynoldson June 26, 2012
It has been revealed that the voice behind Crystal Dynamics’ Lara Croft is none other than Camilla Anne Luddington, best known for her performance as royal Kate Middleton in 2011 film William & Kate.

Skyrim DLC Dawnguard Goes Live Tomorrow for Xbox 360

by Joe Formanon June 25, 2012
Vampire mayhem will be unleashed via Xbox Live tomorrow.


Reggie Talks Wii U Power, UE4, Direct X 11 and More!

by Andy Whitefieldon June 25, 2012
Kotaku have managed to wrangle an interview with the big man himself, Reggie Fils Aime, who for once has actually shared details you’ve all been waiting for…
Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 Delayed Until December

by Joe Formanon June 25, 2012
Ubisoft announced that it will be delaying the release of Far Cry 3.