Dead Space 3 gets first screenshot(s)

by Seán Whitearon May 31, 2012
Remember that one screenshot from yesterday? Well, now there’s a few more, and now it’s pretty much official – Dead Space 3 is happening, and it’s happening in co-op. Screenshots after the break.

New Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition Trailer and DLC Info

by Taylor Parolinion May 31, 2012
Today Namco-Bandai released a new trailer for the highly anticipated Prepare to Die Edition of Dark Souls, a PC exclusive port. Or so we thought. It appears that the additional content found in the PC version will be offered on both Xbox Live and PSN as the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, a move that […]


SEGA announces E3 2012 line-up; Aliens and Sonic (and other stuff)

by Seán Whitearon May 30, 2012
SEGA’s official blog has announced the games the publisher will be taking with them to E3 2012. You can find out which after the break.

Weekly Japanese Sales Charts

by Andy Whitefieldon May 30, 2012
This week sees Dragon’s Dogma take the top spot, which outsold Mario Tennis Open 3:1!…


Rumour: Dead Space 3 Logo & First Screenshot Appear Online?

by Seán Whitearon May 30, 2012
There’s certainly been a whole lot of news about Dead Space 3 lately. Now, there’s what appears to be the game’s logo and one solitary screenshot.

Hitman Absolution E3 2012 Trailer (Feat. Nuns with Guns)

by Seán Whitearon May 30, 2012
Square have released the E3 trailer for one of its announced E3 titles, Hitman Absolution. The trailer features a group of assassins dressed as nuns. Nuns who also have guns. Get at it after the break.


Latest Lollipop Chainsaw Trailer is… ass-kicking

by Seán Whitearon May 30, 2012
Lollipop Chainsaw is out pretty soon (June 12th) so it’s needless to say there’s been a lot of promotional stuff related to it recently. This latest trailer shows some of Juliet’s awesome moves. You can watch it after the break.

Square announces E3 2012 line-up; it’s mobile heavy

by Seán Whitearon May 30, 2012
Square Enix has announced its line-up for E3, which is next week. Amongst the list are some Triple AAA titles you’d expect, alongside a whole lot of mobile titles. Catch the list after the break.