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Epic’s Mark Rein Offers High Praise For Wii U

by sknygyon March 13, 2012
See what Epic’s Mark Rein recently had to say when asked about Wii U…

Review: MLB 12: The Show

by harleyquinnon March 13, 2012
Just in time for Spring Training, Sony has released the latest version of their popular and widely acclaimed baseball franchise. Does MLB 12: The Show hit an inside the park home-run, or does it fail to steal second base?


Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Ziba Tower DLC Trailer

by Jameson March 13, 2012
Get a first look at the upcoming DLC pack for Battlefield 3 titled “Close Quarter”.

Ridge Racer Vita to Receive Large Day 1 Patch

by deanomac98on March 12, 2012
Gamers who go out to buy Ridge Racer for the PlayStation Vita tomorrow will find a rather large day 1 patch to download.


Mass Effect 3: Story Driven Drivel (Spoiler Alert)

by Robert Strickon March 12, 2012
Warning: Before you read this article keep in mind that it’s littered with spoilers for Mass Effect 3. Read at your own risk. Mass Effect 3 leaves me feeling a bit perplexed. While ME2 had me a bit pissed at the end over the Reaper larva and how easy it was to destroy with a […]

Wasteland 2 Kickstarter Goes Live Tomorrow

by Taylor Parolinion March 12, 2012
According to a tweet from Interplay founder Brian Fargo, Wasteland 2 will begin its search for funding via Kickstarter tomorrow.  [quote]#Wasteland 2 update! We have been approved by Kickstarter and we go live tomorrow. I will post the link the minute I get it.[/quote] If you don’t know what Wasteland is, allow me to inform you. Wasteland […]


Battlefield: Evolved Leaked?

by Taylor Parolinion March 12, 2012
UK retailer High Street has listed an as of yet unknown Battlefield 3 title on their 2012 schedule of releases. While we have absolutely no information on this title or what it might turn out to be, all odds point to a new version of the game bundled with all of upcoming DLC that we’ll […]

Rumour: Timesplitters 4 Reveal In April?

by sknygyon March 12, 2012
Could Crytek finally be getting around to bringing back this fantastic series?