Cthulhu Saves the World coming to Mac, iOS and Android on June 28th

by Seán Whitearon June 24, 2012
Xbox Live Indie Game turned Steam game Cthulhu Saves the World will be coming to Mac, iOS and Android devices this Thursday, on June 28th.

Nintendo Reveal New New Super Mario Bros 2 Details

by Andy Whitefieldon June 22, 2012
Satoru Iwata revealed some new details about the 3DS’s latest Mario title…


Darksiders II Collector’s Edition Unboxing Video

by Taylor Parolinion June 22, 2012
Here we have a cool video showing off what’s included in the spiffy collector’s edition of Darksiders II. Gotta say, I love that mask.

Mass Effect 3 Extended Ending Releasing Next Tuesday

by Jameson June 22, 2012
Bioware have announced that beginning Tuesday of next week, Mass Effect 3 owners will be able to download the extended ending for absolutely free. Here’s an interview video that has been released with this announcement that explains a bit more on the extended ending.


Kirby’s Dream Collection Gets A Release Date

by Joe Formanon June 22, 2012
To celebrate Kirby’s 20th anniversary, Nintendo will release a collection of titles in North America for the Wii.

Nintendo announce 3DS XL

by Seán Whitearon June 22, 2012
This must come as a surprise to pretty much no one; Nintendo have announced a slightly updated version of the 3DS. Boy, I really hope none of you bought a 3DS recently.


Borderlands 2 Co-op Gameplay

by Jameson June 21, 2012
Here’s some brand new Borderlands 2 gameplay that features the Siren class.

Playstation Network Having Issues, Sony Looking Into it

by Jameson June 21, 2012
 If you happened to log in on the Playstation network today and received a couple of errors then don’t panic, this is a widespread issue and Sony has stated that they are looking at the issue.