The Secret World launch trailer

by Seán Whitearon July 3, 2012
The Secret World launches today, so EA have released the launch trailer for Funcom’s real-world conspiracy MMO. Watch it after the break.

Online CV suggests PlayStation 4 development began in August 2010

by Craig Reynoldson July 3, 2012
According to the LinkedIn profile of Attila Vass, ex-Research & Development Director for Sony Computer Entertainment America, work on the PlayStation 4 started almost two years ago.


Left 4 Dead 2: Cold Stream DLC Set for July Release

by Kelsey Milleron July 2, 2012
Valve has at long last given us a release date for which we’ve all been grumpily waiting, and waiting, and waiting for.  Now you’re all thinking, no, silently begging for it to be Half-Life Episode 3, or better yet, Half-Life 3.  Ha, nope.  Sorry, forgive me, it was a cruel joke; I should know better […]

Phantasy Star Online 2 official service begins July 4th (in Japan)

by Seán Whitearon July 2, 2012
Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently in open beta for the Japanese (and anyone else with the know-how) right now, and today Sega have announced the game’s official launch in Japan will be July 4th.


Sony Computer Entertainment acquires cloud streamer Gaikai

by Seán Whitearon July 2, 2012
We’ve seen a few rumours about Sony possibly acquiring Gaikai recently (and even some about rival service, OnLive) and it turns out the Sony/Gaikai rumours were true.

CNN Money – Wii U Hands On

by Andy Whitefieldon July 2, 2012
CNN Money recently got to go hands on with the Wii U, see what they thought inside…


Rome: Total War II Faces of Rome Trailer

by Taylor Parolinion July 2, 2012
In this spectacular trailer for Rome: Total War II we get a look at some good old Roman treachery and machinations. It’s beautifully shot and scored. Probably one of the best live action videogame trailers I’ve ever seen. Take a loot at it below.

Assassin’s Creed 3 Fourth of July Trailer

by Taylor Parolinion July 2, 2012
Ubisoft has released an atmospheric trailer to celebrate July 4th with a little Assassin’s Creed goodness. Check it out below.