PAYDAY: No Mercy – The Origin of Left 4 Dead Outbreak

by Jameson June 15, 2012
Valve, the brilliant team behind the Left 4 Dead series and Overkill (PAYDAY), have announced that they will be collaborating for a crossover PAYDAY DLC called “No Mercy”. No Mercy will tell the origin story of how the zombie outbreak happened in Left 4 Dead. Here’s a sneak peak of the DLC.

Borderlands 2 Gameplay Videos Surface

by Joe Formanon June 15, 2012
Check out the Assassin and Commando classes at work.


Heroes of Ruin Launch Trailer

by Seán Whitearon June 15, 2012
The 3DS doesn’t have a great deal in the way on non-Nintendo produced titles, so here’s the launch trailer for Square’s Heroes of Ruin, which launches today in the UK (and other PAL regions) and next month in the US.

Nintendo Hints at Unannounced Third-Party Support

by Andy Whitefieldon June 15, 2012
Nintendo UK’s David Yarnton has hinted at several unannounced third party projects for Wii U


Crystal Dynamics issues statement regarding Lara Croft controversy

by Craig Reynoldson June 15, 2012
Following the publication of several online articles criticising Crystal Dynamics’ handling of the forthcoming Tomb Raider reboot, the developer has released a formal statement in attempt to calm the outraged, offended and disgusted.

Neversoft to develop next year’s Call of Duty?

by Craig Reynoldson June 15, 2012
An eagle-eyed NeoGAF forum user has spotted that Neversoft Entertainment, the studio behind the finger-flipping Tony Hawk Pro Skater and finger-flexing Guitar Hero, is actively hiring staff for a future Call of Duty title.


Star Wars: The Old Republic Going Free to Play?

by Taylor Parolinion June 15, 2012
It’s no secret that The Old Republic has been struggling in the MMO market ever since its deceptively large launch. With dwindling subscription numbers and very little to entice people to stick around after finishing the main narrative, going Free-to-play may be ToR’s only hope to survive into the future. The Old Republic’s lead designer Emmanuel […]

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Teaser Trailer

by Taylor Parolinion June 15, 2012
Developer Frictional Games are here to scare the living hell out of us once again with a new Amnesia game. The title alone worries me, and the trailer complete with squealing pig monsters pushes me over the edge. It’s alright though, I hate getting sleep anyways.