Darksiders 2 Behind the Mask Dev Diary #3

by Taylor Parolinion May 10, 2012
In this latest developer diary from THQ and Vigil Games, we get a better look at new protagonist Death and his motivations. Essentially, he wants to erase the supposed crimes of his brother by bringing all of mankind back to life. How he intends to accomplish this is beyond me, but I can’t wait to […]

Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer

by Taylor Parolinion May 10, 2012
Today Rockstar Games has released the official launch trailer for Max Payne 3. The trailer gives us some insight into Max’s suitably morose state of mind and gives us some interesting glimpses of the story at hand. Personally, I can’t wait to see how this latest chapter of Max’s story plays out. Hopefully it’ll be […]


Assassin’s Creed III World Premiere Gameplay Trailer

by Taylor Parolinion May 10, 2012
After finally reaching enough Tweets and likes on Facebook, Ubisoft have unleashed an amazing new trailer that’s composed of 100% gameplay. All of this is in-engine and not pre-rendered, and it looks fantastic. I can honestly say without hyperbole that I’ve never been as excited to get my hands on a game as I am with […]

Product/Artist Spotlight: I Fight Dragons – KABOOM!

by Daniel Flatton May 10, 2012
I Fight Dragons is a rock band from good old Chicago IL, but they are so much more than that. The band infuses itself with rock alongside original electric sounds, some pulled directly from old video games. Coming together in 2008, the band has since released 2 EP’s and not too long ago released KABOOM!, […]


Bioshock Infinite delayed until February 2013

by Seán Whitearon May 10, 2012
2K Games have announced that Bioshock Infinite will be delayed until early in 2013.

Soul Sacrifice World Premier Trailer

by Jameson May 10, 2012
The first trailer for the PS Vita exclusive, Soul Sacrifice has been released.


PlayStation EU Store Update – 5/9/12

by Dean Amondon May 9, 2012
Datura and Binary Domain make their way to the EU PlayStation Store in this week’s update!

Cell Phones In The Future Could Potentially Destroy Your DNA

by Jameson May 9, 2012
Since 9/11, airports in the United States have been on full alert. People are stopped constantly for a pat down or a body check, and even new advances in technology to ensure the safety of passenger were created. It only took a couple of months for the TSA to announce that they would be using […]