Pachter: Nintendo to Struggle to Attract Third-Parties

by sknygyon January 6, 2012
Michael Pachter, from Wedbush believes Nintendo may have a hard time attracting third-parties to the Wii U…

New Beyond the Labyrinth Screens

by sknygyon January 6, 2012
Konami have released a new batch of screens for Beyond the Labyrinth. It looks better each time…


List of Modern Warfare 3 Bans

by Jameson January 5, 2012
Robert Bowling has released a detailed list of how banning works and what you can be banned for in Call of Duty.

EA Shuts Down Bright Light Studio

by deanomac98on January 5, 2012
Guildford based Bright Light Studio’s lights have gone out for good as EA has axed the developer.


PlayStation European Store Update – 1/4/12

by deanomac98on January 5, 2012
Back to the Future: The Game is free on PlayStation Plus and All Zombies Must Die! makes its way to the PSN in this week’s European PlayStation Store update!

Resident Evil: Revelations Demo Heading to the West!

by sknygyon January 5, 2012
Capcom’s Christian Svensson has confirmed on the unity blog that the Resident Evil: Revelations demo will be seeing release on the eShop in North America and Europe…


Weekly Japanese Sales Update

by sknygyon January 5, 2012
Wow! Just see how well the 3DS is doing! Vita who?

Europe: The Last Story Limited Edition Spotted!

by sknygyon January 5, 2012
A swiss retailer has posted a listing for a limited edition, steel-book edition of The Last Story.