UFO’s Sighted Over Russia January 28th

by Jameson January 30, 2012
On January 28th, a fleet of around five UFO’s were spotted over Tolyatti, Russia. Like always, UFO’s doesn’t always mean that they are extraterrestrial, but are just unidentified objects.

101 New & English ‘PokePark 2′ Screens!

by sknygyon January 30, 2012
Nintendo have finally released the first English screens for PokePark 2, by the truckload…


New ‘Rhythm Heaven Fever’ Screens

by sknygyon January 30, 2012
Nintendo have released several new screens for Rhythm Heaven Fever for Wii…

Take On The Empire, Medusa And Zeus On Nintendo 3DS

by sknygyon January 30, 2012
Mythical gaming with the gods in the latest downloadable offerings from Nintendo this week


Award Winning 3D Animation Magic Piano Coming to Nintendo Video

by sknygyon January 30, 2012
Exclusive Magic Piano, Kirby TV and Star Wars content available for free in 3D, on your Nintendo 3DS™  

Square-Enix Working On Secret Title

by sknygyon January 30, 2012
Tetsuya Nomura, Kingdom Hearts producer, has revealed something interesting in the latest issue of Famitsu…


Why I Love Achievements/Trophies

by mailorderninjaon January 30, 2012
With all the terrible missteps of the most recent generation of gaming it’s sometimes hard to remember the awesome stuff that the 360, PS3 and Wii have brought us. My favorite of the bunch has to be, hands down, Achievements. While the updated graphics, the addition of Netflix and Hulu, and the great push for […]

Another Reason Supergiant Games are Awesome (Besides Bastion)

by mailorderninjaon January 29, 2012
If you’ve played Bastion by Supergiant Games then you already have one reason to love the developer. If you haven’t shame on you, it’s the only game I’ve ever given a perfect score. Go play it, I’ll wait. Done? Wasn’t that awesome? Now you have another reason to love Supergiant Games, turns out their pretty […]