David Jaffe shows his twisted side in latest Twisted Metal ad

by harleyquinnon February 9, 2012
Alleged psychopath David Jaffe needs your help to destroy Sweet Tooth’s truck.

Twitter users can be rewarded in Crystal Saga

by harleyquinnon February 9, 2012
Reality Squared Games has launched a new Tweet Your Way To Prizes event. Twitter users can get the chance to win prizes by following Crystal Saga on twitter. All you have to do is register a twitter account and follow the Crystal Saga twitter page. Twitter users are encouraged to get involved with the tweets […]

Bioware Releases New Mass Effect 3 Videos

by harleyquinnon February 9, 2012
Bioware has released a set of new Mass Effect 3 videos which give gamers a brief glimpse into some of the new gameplay mechanics they will have at their disposal. Among the other videos is a look at the A.I and storytelling, which look to be getting another overhaul.

Review: Final Fantasy XIII-2

by Jameson February 8, 2012
When Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIII would be receiving a sequel I wasn’t thrilled about it. The lack of towns, missions, and the linearity killed the original and soured expectations for a sequel. Yet, after hearing of all the improvements that the sequel allegedly made, I decided to give the game another chance. […]


PlayStation Vita System Update 1.60

by deanomac98on February 8, 2012
The PlayStation Vita has been updated to system software 1.60 today and we have the full changelog.

PlayStation EU Store Update – 2/8/12

by deanomac98on February 8, 2012
The Simpsons Arcade Game and Shank 2 highlight this week’s European PlayStation Store update!

Jap Sales

Weekly Japanese Sales Update

by sknygyon February 8, 2012
Another week with the 3DS on top! Is there no stopping it? In other news, Japanese gamers get their hands on Soul Calibur V….  

Activision and Hasbro Announce Upcoming Battleship Videogame

by sknygyon February 8, 2012
Tactical Naval Warfare, Combined with First-Person, Boots-on-the-Ground Gameplay, Lands this Spring