Dragon’s Dogma – Cockatrice Gameplay Trailer, Demo Next Week

by Jameson April 16, 2012
Capcom have released a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming title, Dragon’s Dogma. In this trailer you’ll get to see some brand new gameplay and the new monster, the Coctatrice. Also some new details have surfaced concerning a demo release.

Crysis 3 set for 2013 release

by Seán Whitearon April 16, 2012
After the recent leak ahead of schedule, EA have announced today that Crysis 3 will be set for a 2013 release.


Call of Duty Popularity Winding Down?

by Taylor Parolinion April 16, 2012
After years of pushing both Infinity Ward and Treyarch to pump out yearly Call of Duty sequels, has the series finally began to lose some of its juggernaut momentum? Apparently so according to a recent Gamasutra article. Despite having a stronger initial debut than previous entry Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3’s sales are currently falling […]

Police Warfare Kickstarter to make fictional fan game a reality

by Seán Whitearon April 16, 2012
What began as a fan-made trailer for a fictional entry to the ‘Call of Duty’ franchise has since become a Kickstarter project created by industry professionals. You can find the original fan-made pitch for ‘Police Warfare’ after the break.


Report: Electronic Arts Readying to Layoff 500+ Employees

by Taylor Parolinion April 16, 2012
In a move that probably comes as no shock to those in the know, EA will shortly begin a massive layoff of anywhere between 500 to 1,000 employees. That’s about 5%-11% of their total employees. To be perfectly honest, it’s not the least bit surprising given the poor performance of titles like Battlefield 3 and the […]

Product Spotlight: Club Nintendo Hanafuda Cards

by Daniel Flatton April 15, 2012
Everyone knows Nintendo is the creator of Mario, one of the most beloved video game characters of all time, but not as many know that Nintendo started out as a Hanafuda card manufacturer. While not popular and rarely played in the US outside of Hawaii, Hanafuda (literally translated as flower cards) was insanely popular at […]


Playstation Network Schedule Downtime April 16th

by Jameson April 15, 2012
Starting tomorrow, the Playstation network will be going under a schedule maintenance that will last about 13 hours.

Sparks Unlimited Hiring For An Unannounced Hack and Slash Sequel

by Jameson April 15, 2012
  It seems that the Sparks Unlimted, who will be developing Capcom third installment to the Lost Planet series, are now hiring for a new title.