Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance) Gets a Mastery Edition in the US

by Daniel Flatton May 16, 2012
In a first for these titles on US shores, the new Kingdom Hearts game for 3DS will be getting a special addition. Celebrating the 10 years anniversary of the franchise it’s dubbed the Mastery Edition and it’s chock full of items sure to get fans mouths salivating. Housed in a magnetic box branded with the […]

The Last of Us Screenshots

by Jameson May 16, 2012
With the latest trailer now out, Sony has released some brand new hi-resolution sceenshots.


PlayStation US Store Update – 5/15/12

by Dean Amondon May 15, 2012
Rock of Ages (Free for Plus Members) and PixelJunk 4AM make their way to the US PlayStation Store in this week’s update along with deep discounts for PlayStation Plus subscribers!

Rumor: Max Payne 3 Holds GTA V Vehicle Information

by Jameson May 15, 2012
Well looks like hackers manage to get their hands on the disc information found in the copy of Ma Payne 3 for the Xbox 360. This information appears to be from GTA V, which wouldn’t be surprising considering that Rockstar games have done this before with previous Rockstar titles.


The Last of Us ‘Truck Ambush’ Trailer

by Seán Whitearon May 15, 2012
Naughty Dog’s latest post-Uncharted offering has gotten a new trailer, showcasing that it’s not only the game’s monsters which present a danger to protagonists Joel and Ellie. You can watch the trailer after the break.

Sony announces massive list of PSP titles for PS Vita store

by Seán Whitearon May 15, 2012
Sony have announced a large list of PSP titles and minis to be released to the PS Vita’s store. Some are available today, while many more are ‘coming soon’. You can see the list of games making the cut after the jump.


Rumour: Cloud Storage for Wii U

by Andy Whitefieldon May 15, 2012
When Nintendo launched the Wii they were criticised for not equipping the console with a sizeable memory solution, it sounds like Nintendo have found an affordable way around this…

Pikmin 2 Makes Its U.S. Wii Debut, Joins Mario Power Tennis in Nintendo Selects

by Andy Whitefieldon May 14, 2012
Nintendo is adding two great games to the Nintendo Selects value collection for the Wii console on June 10 with Mario Power Tennis and Pikmin 2, a Nintendo GameCube classic making its U.S. debut on Wii. Nintendo Selects games are available at a suggested retail price of $19.99. Pikmin 2 Trailer inside…