Prepare For the Arrival of ‘The Last Story’ Exclusively on Wii

by sknygyon February 6, 2012
Ahead of the much anticipated European launch of The Last Story on 24th February fans can check out a new website, Iwata Asks interview and videos!

Explore Your Dreams And Fears in the C.R.U.S.H. Machine

by sknygyon February 6, 2012
A variety of retro games as well as an amusing puzzler and bouncing Kirby classic come to Nintendo eShop, Nintendo DSi Shop and the Wii Shop Channel this week


New ‘Tekken 3D: Prime Edition’ Screens

by sknygyon February 5, 2012
Namco-Bandai have released another collection of screens for this ambitious 3DS fighter…

New ‘Mario & Sonic London 2012′ 3DS Screens

by sknygyon February 5, 2012
Sega have announced that the Wii instalment of Mario and Sonic London 2012 has sold over 2 million copies! Will the 3DS version do so well when it releases next month?…


Kid Icarus: Uprising Patent Revealed – New Streetpass Feature?

by sknygyon February 4, 2012
A new patent has been discovered revealing an unannounced feature for Kid Icarus: Uprising….

Rumour: Lady Gaga: The Experience For Wii & Wii U?

by sknygyon February 4, 2012
Rumour has it that Ubisoft isn’t finished with the ‘The Experience’, come on, you can at least act suprised…  


Changes Coming For EA Black Box, EA Canada

by deanomac98on February 4, 2012
EA Black Box, the studio responsible for making Need For Speed: The Run has been restructured and reassigned.

Goodbye PSN, Hello SEN!

by deanomac98on February 3, 2012
With Sony working towards a global platform integrating all of their online services together comes a change in name for the PlayStation Network which will be renamed on February 8th.