Fatal Frame 2 Remake and Spirit Camera dated for Europe release, June 29th

by Seán Whitearon April 14, 2012
Both the Wii-remake of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly and 3DS spin-off Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir have been set for a joint release date of June 29th in Europe.

Prototype 2 Live Action Trailer

by Taylor Parolinion April 13, 2012
So…wow, this is pretty cool. In this trailer you get to see a nice chunk of James Heller’s backstory; mainly how he came home to find his life in ruins and was subsequently infected by former protagonist anti-hero Alex Mercer. It’s also got a pretty good song choice with Johnny Cash’s famous rendition of Hurt, […]


Resident Evil 6 New Screenshots

by Jameson April 13, 2012
Capcom have released some brand new Resident Evil 6 screens.

Dragon’s Dogma Mystic Knight Gameplay

by Jameson April 13, 2012
Two brand new PAX 2012 gameplay video have been released for Capcom upcoming title, Dragon’s Dogma.


New Assasin’s Creed III Screenshots Show off Environment

by Taylor Parolinion April 13, 2012
In these new Assassin’s Creed III screenshots, we get some detailed looks at the snowy environments that game will be sporting. With its seasonal changes, it appears that there will be winter and summer versions of practically every area of the game, which is pretty impressive. Furthermore, we get to see Connor hunting down what appears to […]

Prototype 2 Has Some “Kick Ass” New Trailers

by Taylor Parolinion April 12, 2012
It looks like the fine folks at Radical are going for a bit of a theme here with their latest trailers. To go along with an earlier trailer that focused on how you can rip weapons off of tanks and helicopters in Prototype 2, we also now have a showcase of weapons being used on […]


Gaijin Games Hints at Wii U Release Date, Runner.2

by Andy Whitefieldon April 12, 2012
Gaijin Games’ Alex Neuse has hinted at Bit.Trip.Runner.2 appearing alongside the Wii U at launch…

Skyrim Kinect Support Coming This Month

by Armand Laneon April 12, 2012
Bethesda has announced that Skyrim will receive a free update in the coming weeks that will add Kinect support to the epic title.