Rumour: Pokemon Announcement At Jump Fiesta?

by sknygyon November 20, 2011
For the first time ever The Pokemon Company are appearing at Jump Fiesta, at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Tokyo. Rumours have been flying for months that a new Pokemon game will be announced before the end of the year, and the latest issue of Jump feeds more fuel to the fire…

Battlefield Could Have Been Nintendo Exclusive

by sknygyon November 20, 2011
Penny Arcade’s Jeff Kalles, and former Nintendo of America employee, has spilled details about a business deal which could have seen Nintendo with an exlcuisve FPS series…


SimRaceWay releases their own motion based steering wheel

by Colton November 20, 2011
 Steel Series and SimRaceWay have co-developed an innovative new steering wheel specially made for the online racing game… but yes, it can be used for other racing games too.

SSX – “It’s Tricky” Trailer

by deanomac98on November 19, 2011
A new trailer for SSX has been released by EA Sports featuring the remixed song, “It’s Tricky”!


Reggie – Casual 3DS Games, Competition, Wii U & More

by sknygyon November 19, 2011
Nintendo of America President Reggile Fils-Aime has had an interview regarding all things currently on Nintendo-gamers minds…

New Sonic Generations 3DS Screens & Trailer

by sknygyon November 19, 2011
Sega have released a bunch of new screens and a trailer for the 3DS version of Sonic Generations…


New Fortune/Boom Street Screens & Trailer

by sknygyon November 19, 2011
Nintendo have released another bunch of new images of the upcoming Mario & Dragon Quest cross-over board-game game…

Starhawk: From Warhawk to Starhawk

by Jameson November 18, 2011
Lightbox Interactive takes you behind the scenes in this latest Starhawk video.