Nintendo Drops Irresistable New Beats With Rhythm Heaven Fever For WII

by Andy Whitefieldon February 13, 2012
 Starting today, video game fans and music lovers across the United States can use the Wii™ system to keep the beat in dozens of entertaining new ways.

Fight For Your Survival in a Free Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater Demo Coming to Nintendo 3DS This Week

by Andy Whitefieldon February 13, 2012
A demo of the long awaited Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater, Wario’s world famous debut, and some frantic Zombie action are all available to download this week


Square-Enix Trademarks ‘Drakerider’ and ‘Blood of Chaos’

by Andy Whitefieldon February 13, 2012
Square-Enix have been on a tradermarking spree of late…

Nintendo Releases First Paid DLC Content

by Andy Whitefieldon February 13, 2012
In a move that many thought would never happen, Nintendo have released their first paid DLC….


Kickstarter: The Future of Game Development?

by Daniel Flatton February 12, 2012
Double Fine’s attempt to finance an old school adventure game through Kickstarter met with massive success. At the time of this article the project has raised $1,635,090. No I didn’t misplace a comma, the project is well on it’s way to almost 2 million dollars! Considering that $400,000 was the original goal I’d say they […]

Twisted Metal: Be Mine

by Jameson February 12, 2012
Even Sweet Tooth deserves some love on Valentines Day.


Nintendo Aquires Mobiclip!

by Andy Whitefieldon February 12, 2012
Hmm…. Now why would they acquire a Research and Development center?  

“Kickstarter is Possible” For Wii U, Tim Schaffer

by Andy Whitefieldon February 12, 2012
Tim Schafer has been asked a question, via his official Twitter account concerning the likelihood of Double Fine’s ‘Kickstarter’ project appearing on the Wii U console….