Rey Mysterio Joins 5 Star Wrestling: Regenisis Title

by Todd Blackon November 14, 2015
Wrestling games have long been a part of video game history…but not all of them have been good. In fact, some have been downright terrible, but leave to the industry to give them more and more chances to try and make it right. In fact, many reviews of WWE 2K16 state that this is the […]
EA Sports UFC 2

EA Sports UFC 2: Ronda Rousey Graces the Cover

by Jeffrey Harrison November 13, 2015
Earlier this week, EA Sports finally revealed that EA Sports UFC 2 is being developed for a 2016 release. Today, EA Sports confirmed that UFC superstar, MMA icon and trailblazer, women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, will grace the cover for the new game. This marks the first time a woman will be featured on the […]


Final Fantasy Explorers Promises Big Things, and Classic Character Appearances!

by Todd Blackon November 13, 2015
Square Enix and Nintendo have had a long history together, and in the latest Nintendo Direct, they revealed the newest endeavor from the Final Fantasy franchise to grace their handhelds. Final Fantasy Explorers, an RPG exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, will have players embarking on a large and expansive journey. Yet, it will also harken […]
Super Smash Bros.

Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Official for Super Smash Bros.

by Jeffrey Harrison November 12, 2015
Nintendo officially announced in today’s edition of Nintendo Direct that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS will be getting a special new playable character with the classic Final Fantasy hero Cloud Strife! You can check out the video announcement of Cloud for the game in the player below. Skip ahead to 42:10 of […]


J.J. Abrams To Make Video Game Called Spyjinx

by Todd Blackon November 11, 2015
J.J. Abrams has done many things across many mediums. It was him who brought us Lost, the revitalized Star Trek movies, and is the director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now though, he’s going one step further into the realm of media, by teaming up with develop ChAIR and his Bad Robot Productions to […]
Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Unlimited Bottle Cap Currency Exploit Found

by Jeffrey Harrison November 11, 2015
If you are playing Fallout 4 and are strapped for some bottle cap cash, Gamezone might have a solution for you. In the world of the Fallout franchise, the Wasteland of Earth has bottle caps as its primary currency, but there appears to be an exploit for players to get unlimited bottle caps through a […]

Fallout 4

4.5 Million Hours Have Already Been Played On Fallout 4 For PC

by Todd Blackon November 10, 2015
Despite a recent trend of PC games getting less than quality launches, it appears the PC launch of Fallout 4 is anything but bugged down. In fact, according to stat tracking site, a site which uses Valve’s openly-available Web APIs for collection of data, Fallout 4 has already amassed nearly 4.5 million hours of […]
EA Sports UFC 2 - Conor McGregor

EA Sports UFC 2: First Trailer and Release Period Revealed

by Jeffrey Harrison November 10, 2015
As previously reported, EA Sports officially announced EA Sports UFC 2 yesterday, the long awaited sequel to EA Sports UFC. You can check out the announcement trailer below. The game is currently scheduled for a release in the first half of 2016, so it seems to be pretty far along in the development process already. […]