Assassin’s Creed Movie To Mimic Fighting Style And Flow Of Games

by Todd Blackon May 15, 2016
Part of the problem of doing video game adaptations is that it can be hard at times to mimic what happens in the games. Whether it be through story, locations, mythology, or even what is going on via the gameplay. This was a problem at first for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed film, but as time […]
Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Pre-Order Bonuses and New Trailers Released

by Jeffrey Harrison May 14, 2016
KOEI TECMO America this week officially revealed the pre-order bonuses and gameplay for Attack on Titan, along with two new trailers with new gameplay footage. You can check out the gameplay previews in the player below. The game is set for a multi-platform release later this August. There will be two bonus costumes for players […]


Microsoft To No Longer Support Project Spark

by Todd Blackon May 14, 2016
Once heralded as a massive innovation in gaming, Project Spark is basically being shut down by Microsoft. As of right now, the game is no longer available for download. Online services will be discontinued by August 12th, and with that comes the inability to upload and download other players games. On the official website, the […]

Major Problems From Past Titles To Be Fixed In Civilization VI

by Todd Blackon May 13, 2016
When making a massive title like Civilization, there’s a lot of details and input that has to go into the title to make it a good game. Even then, things fall through the cracks, or unexpected problems occur. The team at Firaxis promise that Civilization VI will not have two of the major problems Civ […]

Dying Light

Dying Light Gets Sun Eclipse Community Bounty Weekend

by Jeffrey Harrison May 13, 2016
Techland officially announced this week that Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition will receive its second community bounty this weekend. For this weekend for the period of May 13-15, all the players for Dying Light can team up to try and collectively kill 2,500,000 Volatiles. The Volatiles are the game’s most fearsome enemies that […]

Civilization VI Announced

by Todd Blackon May 12, 2016
After much speculation, and several teases to accompany it, Civilization VI has been confirmed. Not only that, it has a release date of October 21st of this year. The long-running world-building game has been popular since the beginning, and has grown with virtually every title and expansion. With Civilization VI, that appears to be no […]

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

Gears of War Update Adds Unlimited Frame Rate

by Jeffrey Harrison May 12, 2016
The Coalition has launched a new update for Gears of War Ultimate Edition on Windows PC that might be of keen interest to fans. This new update for the game now allows players to change the frame rate limit and toggle off v-sync (via Gamespot). This update introduces support from the new Windows 10 Universal […]

Peter Moore Talks Future Of Gaming

by Todd Blackon May 11, 2016
Peter Moore has been in the video games industry for quite some time, and now as the leader of EA’s ESports division, he has even more experience. Experience that has given him an interesting view on the future of gaming, which he shared with the Daily Orange. Primarily, there won’t be consoles for much longer: […]