Fire Emblem Fates

Fire Emblem Fates Owes Its Existence to Awakening

by Todd Blackon June 25, 2015
You would think that based on the popularity of its characters that Fire Emblem has been one of the strongest franchises in Nintendo’s lineup. But that’s not the case at all. In fact, Fire Emblem at one time didn’t even transfer over to the states. Then it slowly began to trickle over. However, the franchise rarely […]
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

Gears of War: New Teaser Trailer for Ultimate Edition

by Jeffrey Harrison June 24, 2015
Microsoft recently revealed an upcoming next-gen remake of Gears of War, dubbed Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Microsoft has now released a new teaser trailer for the new Ultimate Edition, which you can check out in the player below. The revamped version of the game certainly looks impressive. It is almost hard to tell that […]

Batman Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Experiences Issues, Rocksteady Responds

by Todd Blackon June 24, 2015
It’s common knowledge that some games are made for PC and then ported to consoles, while other games are made for consoles then ported to PC. This can cause problems during the transfer, and many times reflect in the overall quality of the product. Batman: Arkham Knight released yesterday, and the PC version of the game is already […]

Nintendo Knows of Fan Desire For Return of Metroid

by Todd Blackon June 24, 2015
At E3 last week, Nintendo made a bold move by revealing Metroid Prime: Federation Force, a Metroid game does not feature Samus at all. For Metroid fans, this was a slap in the face. The Metroid fanbase has been very vocal in that they want a return for the Metroid series in the vein of the […]

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts 3 Getting Online Mode?

by Todd Blackon June 23, 2015
Needless to say, Kingdom Hearts 3 is a highly anticipated title, and fans have been waiting and hoping for news of its release. Sadly, we don’t have that, even with a new E3 trailer, but we do have news on what it could have. By that, I mean an online mode. Speaking to Engadget, series director Tetsuya […]

Hyrule Warriors Legends Began Development Due to Positive Feeback From Wii U Version

by Todd Blackon June 23, 2015
Ports are nothing new when it comes to video games. Sometimes a game starts out on one console, then moves to another after a period of time for one reason or another. During E3 (and leaked previously), Nintendo revealed that the Wii U title Hyrule Warriors, which mixed characters from the Legend of Zelda franchise […]

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider: New Extended Gameplay Video Released

by Jeffrey Harrison June 22, 2015
Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have revealed a new extended gameplay video for Rise of the Tomb Raider, the highly anticipated sequel to the recent reboot of the franchise. The new “Siberian Wilderness” gameplay video is available in the player below. The video shows a sequence where Lara Croft is stranded in a wintry and […]

Tale of Tales Will Stop making Commercial Games

by Todd Blackon June 22, 2015
It’s easy to think that anyone who gets a Kickstarter campaign fully funded is destined for massive success. In fact, you’d be surprised how many times that doesn’t happen. I can speak from experience to where I backed a campaign cause I wanted it to succeed…then receive an update one day saying they’re scrapping the […]