Review: SteelSeries World of Warcraft Wireless MMO Mouse


SteelSeries has released another World of Warcraft mouse and thankfully it performs as good as it looks. 

It’s funny how we take our favored input for our computers for granted. Once you use the same mouse for a long time it just feels comfortable and it’s not a perphrial you think about upgrading often, unless of course you’re a pro gamer or someone who plays competively. So when I received this mouse to review I wasn’t sure how it could really make that big of a difference in my gaming or my normal everyday use of my system. I was very wrong.

Packaging and Product Design

Right off you’ll notice the high quality of packaging and the pleasant aesthetic of the mouse itself. Everything included in the box, down to the manuals, has a feel of high production to it. Included in the box you’ll get a USB cord and a World of Warcraft themed wireless mouse and charger. The charger itself appears to be some ornate pedestal with runes carved around its surface that actually glow blue when in use. Across the surface of the mouse itself is a gorgeously done view of Azeroth’s map as well as the logo for the game surrounded by similar runes as the charger that itself glows blue in use. The glow isn’t just to look great though, it indicates syncing between the two and helps indicate charging status of the mouse. Furthermore the glow is completely customizable from steady, to pulsing slow, medium and fast (and of course the option to turn it off completely).

world of warcraft wireless mmo mouse special feature 1 Review: SteelSeries World of Warcraft Wireless MMO Mouse

That’s one sexy mouse.

Software and Ease of Use

Set-up was an absolute breeze and was as simple as plugging in the USB cord into the back of the charger and setting it on the charger. Because the way the charger is set up you just drop the mouse into it and forget it, there are no tabs to align or anything of that nature. Dropping it on the charger between uses is easy and simply grabbing the mouse off the base with a full charge means you are ready to go for an impressive 16 hours before charging it again. If you run out of charge you can simply plug the cord directly into the mouse to keep playing while you charge.

A quick trip to and you can download the program that will let you assign the different inputs to the mouse itself which allows for a total of 10 customizable buttons that have been ergonomically placed. It’s extremely easy to hit these buttons and the mouse itself feels incredibly comfortable to hold. Programming your mouse is extremely easy with a drag and drop interface, but can be in-depth enough to create your own macros. I took it for an extensive weekend playtest in Azeroth, and though I consider myself a casual player, I know that if I had to go back to a standard mouse tomorrow I would certainly miss it. For the hardcore players though this is a fantastic gaming mouse customization wise and will be extremely helpful in conquering some of the worst dungeons. Better still is that, though the mouse may clearly say World of Warcraft, the SteelSeries engine allows you to customize it to any gaming experience making the mouse truly universal.

All of this really doesn’t matter if the mouse doesn’t work right or lag and I’m glad to report I had absolutely no lag throughout the experience. Featuring a polling rate of 1000 hz in wired and wireless mode means in non-geek that input is instant and will perform the same as any wired mouse. That being said there have been 3 separate times in my 20 hours or so of testing that the mouse has simply lost connection with the base. All I had to do to get it running again was hold the button on the bottom base and the mouse, but it was irritating nonetheless and is one of the few times I missed my previous mouse. In my mind it doesn’t matter how pretty it is or how well it runs if the connection times out randomly; again this only happened a few times during my gaming sessions and nothing other than that even during my wife’s extended Facebooking.


world of warcraft wireless mmo mouse side image 1 Review: SteelSeries World of Warcraft Wireless MMO Mouse

Highly customizable and comfortable buttons are the order of the day.


The mouse is also rather durable as I found out during a moment of extreme horror. As the mouse is fairly expensive as mouses go I was reluctant to let my son work on some educational games, but nonetheless I did. Being his first real experience with a wireless mouse and his fascination with the design of the mouse he ended up dropping it on my tiled floor from a good 3 foot in the air. It bounced several times and skidded across the kitchen to my horror. I picked the mouse up, holding it as one would a baby, and brought it quickly back to the desk. There was no visible damage, but I was sure the input device was completely destroyed. To my surprise it acted like nothing ever happened at all and still works as smooth as butter across the screen and mouse pad (the two times I had random disconnect just FYI were before the drop).


I’ve always been more of a hardcore console player so I’ve never put a lot of money into upgrading my mouse. To me the device was always simply something to move a cursor around, but I would be hard pressed to go back to my old wired mouse after using this beauty. Not only does it make gaming more comfortable and easier to manage, but it extends to browsing and everything else as it is just so comfortable to hold and moves around so smoothly. There are other wireless mouses out there and certainly other types of these hardcore gaming mice, but I don’t think you could get much better than this beauty. It looks great, feels good, performs excellently and is simple to set-up: especially with its namesake game. This is perfect for anyone who loves World of Warcraft or just wants a top of the line gaming mouse.

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Product Features

  • Extended battery life, with wired option for emergency charging while gaming
  • 16 Hour Battery Life
  • Charging dock that showcases the mouse
  • Onboard memory for pre-pairing mouse & receiver
  • Illuminated laser etched logo
  • Pro grade 8200 CPI Laser Sensor, 150 IPS, 30 G acceleration

Cases and Expandability

  • Size (LWH): 6.9 inches, 6.4 inches, 6.4 inches
  • Weight: 4 ounces


  • Battery Type: Lithium ion