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Prototype 2 RADNET final reward is Alex Mercer

by on March 3, 2012

As you may or may not know, the RADNET Edition of Prototype 2 is free to anyone who buys the game new. Rather than locking you out of important single player story content, the RADNET feature is a series of weekly challenges that are entirely seperate from the story of the game. You’ll participate in events such as helicopter races and outright slaughterfests to unlock various minor perks and abilities at the end of each week, as well as behind the scenes videos from the developers and even avatar and theme rewards. However, the real news here is that finishing every challenge presented to you by RADNET will give you a very cool Alex Mercer skin, allowing you to terrorize New York Zero as the original game’s protagonist.

Very, very cool in my opinion. Check out the trailer below to see it in action.