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Reports: Playstation 3D Displays Are Experiencing Black Screen And Blinking Lights

by on April 20, 2012

While retailers have been having stellar deals for the Playstation 3D Displays, buyers have been reporting issues with the displays.

It was first reported back in December 2011 that the displays were experiencing some technical issues. While at the time the issue wasn’t that big, that same thread now has nearly 500 replies with the majority of them stating that their display have been experiencing some issues such as; back-light bleeding, red blinking light of death, and black screens that happen randomly, and sometimes permanently. This has prompted users to contact Sony.

Sony has assisted these users, however, though they are sent a refurbished model the issue is still not yet fixed. Some users have claimed that they have gone through 2-5 sets already. The most common report though is that the displays seem to be experiencing these issues only after 2-5 months of use.

One user even went as far as to take the set apart himself to see if he could find the cause of all this:

Though this isn’t a fix, according to a reply, customer support has recommended that you take these steps to ensure that the Playstation 3 didn’t just reset the resolution on it’s own.

1. Turn your ps3 off and unlug your display from its power supply.
2. Remove hdmi cables and make sure there not broken or bent.
3. Plug back the HDMI cable to the console and plug your power cable back on the display and then turn it on.
4. Now at all this the ps3 should still be off, now press and hold the ps3 button down, you will hear 2 beeps one for pressing the button and the other for keeping the button held down. once you hear that second beep release the button ( RELEASE ) lol…
5. Now you should be all set you will see on your display the setup for using the device, follow the instructions and you wont go wrong.

Even some reviews on Amazon.com show that the displays may be having issues.