Review: Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes


TT Games is back with yet another Lego title and this time they’re tackling the Caped Crusader. Join Batman, Robin and other iconic DC heroes as you fight your way through this whole new open world adventure.

Just the Joker being plain old Joker

The story begins with the Playboy billionaire, Bruce Wayne attending a public award ceremony. Upon going on stage, Bruce is abruptly interrupted by the notorious super villain, The Joker. With the help of Harley, Two-Face, Penguin, and The Riddler, Joker begins robbing all the attendees at the event. However, among all those people stood Superman’s greatest arch rival, Lex Luther. After witnessing what the Joker could do, Lex decides to break Joker and the rest of the super villains out of prison so that he may complete his work on a new weapon that is designed to destroy any object. It’s up to you and the rest of the DC Universe heroes to stop Lex and the Joker. Normally I would dismiss Lego titles for their stories, but seeing that this one was actually well written and thought out, I didn’t expect such enjoyment coming from it. For the most part you’ll be entertained from the moment it begins to the last and final seconds of its ending.

Always wanted my own Batcave

 The very first thing that players will notice with this new Lego title is that characters now have voices. This is most likely the reason why most will end up enjoying the story as in past Lego games, characters would be soundless and present their communication through a form of body gestures with humorous music. While all that is still present, Lego characters will now have a much deeper development than ever before. You can’t truly capture the essence of The Joker without hearing his nightmarish laughter.

The gameplay is easy to learn, yet at the same time can be hard to master. Anyone will be able to learn the controls seeing that there is no complexity in them, but when it comes to platforming and puzzle work then things can get a bit more challenging. In each level you’ll come across special suits that each character can wear, which is tailored to their specific attribute. For example, you’ll find suits that are fast and agile for a character such as Robin, considering his speed and size. Whereas with Batman, you’ll find suits that are designed to do more damage, but move a bit slower. These suits will aid you in completing puzzles that could not normally be done without them. They are also used to unlock hidden passages around Gotham City so that you may unlock brand-new characters or collect new collectibles.

The one thing that most people love about Lego titles is the sheer exploration that comes packed in every game. Exploring certain areas for collectibles and such is a fun way to stay hooked on the game. Unlocking new costumes and vehicles is always a great way to add replay value and there are additional side missions that’ll contain smaller story branches. Like mentioned, people love exploration in Lego titles and with the added open world this only expands that love even further. You’ll also be able to replay missions if you want to achieve the high score set for that mission. 

You’ll be able to play with other characters other than Batman and Robin.

I’m actually impressed with the work put into the open world environment, despite it all being made up of Legos.  The Batcave looks just as one would expect it to look like; waterfall, high tech computers, secret entrances, etc. Outside the Batcave is a large open plain with multiple paths leading to different locations. It starts out as a forest filled with trees, shrugs, and even people. As you travel around you’ll encounter places such as the Arkham Aslyum, which is filled with long dead trees and dark shades of reds giving off an eerie vibe. Cities are filled with people and bright colors of life. It may not have the best textures in video games, but it does an excellent job at capturing the atmosphere that Gotham City fans know and love.  

 Overall I’m impressed with what the game has to offer. I have played past Lego titles, and while I do think that they are great titles , none of them have really captured my attention as this one has. For anyone who’s looking for more of Batman after the recently released Arkham City, I highly suggest picking this title up as it’s sure to keep you entertained for hours.