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Robert M Strick (ClearConscious): Admin of TheParanoidGamer and Editor at PS3Vault. Robert has always been interested in exploring questions no one has answers for. With 3 years of experience at PS3Vault and a keen interest of the paranormal, Robert hopes to bridge the gap between two subjects no one has ever combined.


Taylor Parolini: Taylor has been playing games ever since he could hold a controller in his hands, so it’s only natural that he spends way too much of his time arguing and whining about his favorite hobby. His other joys include film, literature and tabletop gaming.

Marc Rodriguez: In a world that tells us nerds are mousy, ill-tempered, unsociable malcontents, Razor stands out as a bewildering labyrinth of facts built upon a certain catholicity of taste to bring you a uniquely overwhelming whimsical diversion to life. Oh, he works in the Video Game Industry and that makes him awesome.

Craig Reynolds (csreynolds): Craig is a Bid Coordinator and a passionate PS3 gamer. When he’s not hard at work trying to secure lucrative business opportunities, he likes to spend his time hunting vaults on Borderlands, ruling roads on Need for Speed and waging war on Battlefield – all from the comfort of his flat in London, England. He may not get to write as often as he’d like nowadays, but when he does it’s always worth a read.


Robert G Strick (Fagin) : A vampiric phlebotomist at night, and a silver-buying miscreant during the day, Robert can be seen purchasing mass amount of silver on E-Bay, cursing J.P Morgan, and playing his favorite series: Mass Effect.

Col Thornton (ColT374): Col is an Aussie who has been in computers and gaming since the early days of Arcade gaming and C-64’s, (both of which he still plays.) He is a single father of two, and when he’s not gaming, studying strategy and history, mountain-biking, or practicing martial arts, you’ll find him working full time as a computer operator and part time as a pc builder and repair tech.
Rustyn Clark: Rustyn has been writing stories of every variety for over 20 years.  Aside from gaming, reading and writing have to be his favorite pastimes and he generally likes to make sure those are both related to gaming, as well.  Rustyn has a son and a daughter (only 11 years apart), three cats, and a wife who doesn’t understand gamers (the sorrow…), and works in the telecommunications industry during the day.  In Rustyn’s leisure time he can usually be found playing the latest and greatest RPG or writing ways in which it could have been even better.
Immortal Phoenix: I started off as a gamer when I got my Nintendo as kid and feverishly played through box fulls of games. Then things really picked up when I got my hands on a S.N.E.S and then later my trusty PlayStation 1 & 2 consoles. Ever since those golden years I’ve labeled the “Mid-Gamer” generation, I’ve kept gaming, and now I write about contemporary Gaming culture as it has progressed through time and become a mainstream obsession. You can read more about me here: http://theeimmortalphoenix.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html
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 Charles Kheng: Bio coming soon.
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