Super Mario 3D Land – New Details & screens


Some interesting details abolut the first few worlds in Super Mario 3D Land have emerged, as well as a few new screens…

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World 1-2

- Borrows familiar inspirations from the original Super Mario Bros
- Starts off in the brick-lined depths of the Mushroom Kingdom
- Variation of the SMB underground theme plays

World 1-3

- Takes place high above ground
- Tanooki suit is in this level
- Stand on a special green tile near the beginning to transition to a first-person view
- Manipulate this view with the gyro controls or analog slider
- Zoom in and out with the shoulder buttons to find special items and scan challenges ahead

World 1-4

- Side-scrolling stage
- You have full control in this level
- Platform you stand on controls the progression and direction
- Set on one button to go back, step on the other to go forward
- Super Mario Bros 3 Athletic theme is the music that plays

First castle stage

- Lava, spinning columns of fire, and enemies to avoid
- Fight Bowser at the end of the level
- Hit a switch to defeat him


- Only one way to go
- Secrets to find
- Three hidden coins in each stage