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World of Tanks Update 7.2 Detailed

by Robert Strickon February 2, 2012, the award-winning global videogame publisher and developer, announces Update 7.2 for their world-famous free-to-play MMO World of Tanks that will introduce a wide range of new gameplay features.
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Review: Scarygirl (XBLA/PSN)

by Daniel Flatton February 2, 2012
Is Scarygirl’s unique artistic charm enough to set itself apart from the competition?


New Character Class and More with Dungeon Defenders’ Latest Steam DLC

by Robert Strickon February 1, 2012
Dungeon Defenders is getting even more love in the way of Steam DLC with today’s Assault Mission Pack and Barbarian character class! The Assault Mission pack is a steal at $1.99 that includes three assault missions, a new map and a super awesome unicorn familiar to top things off. The new Barabarian character class changes […]

PlayStation US Store Update – 1/31/12

by Dean Amondon January 31, 2012
Puddle and the Kane & Lynch series make their way to the PSN in this week’s PlayStation Store update!


Mail.Ru Games integrates new PvP features for Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

by Robert Strickon January 28, 2012
It is war time in Faeo. Since time immemorial, the Magmars and Humans have fought against each other. What’s more; the grotesque armies of Chaos are flooding the land and preventing either of the parties from getting a moment’s rest.

TheParanoidGamer turns 1, launches redesign!

by Robert Strickon January 28, 2012
When I originally envisioned TheParanoidGamer I pictured an entertainment hub that combined the best parts of the paranormal field with my biggest passion: gaming. It’s been an unbelievable first year. We managed to consistently crack the top 50 for Technorati gaming blogs, and even sat in the top ten for several weeks. We’ve consistently blown […]


Review: Pushmo (3DS)

by Andy Whitefieldon January 28, 2012
Pullblox, Pushmo, Hiku-Oso, whatever you call this game, it’s absolute genius!

Nintendo Investors Briefing Summary

by Andy Whitefieldon January 27, 2012
Here are the key points from yesterday’s briefing…