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Mario and Luigi Dream Team Announced

by mailorderninjaon February 14, 2013
A new Mario and Luigi RPG has been announced. Mario and Luigi Dream Team will be taking place entirely in Luigi’s wildest dreams which will mean he’s going to be the most prominent and powerful character in the game. Finally little bro is getting some spotlight.
Jap Sales

Weekly Japanese Sales Charts

by sknygyon August 22, 2012
Nintendo take charge of this weeks entire top ten!…


New Super Mario Bros U – First Look

by sknygyon June 8, 2012
Breathe a sigh of relief, New Super Mario Bros Mii is no more! Nintendo reveal first-ever social Mario game…

Nintendo Confirm New Mario Game For Wii U At E3!

by sknygyon April 16, 2012
Miyamoto has had a slip of the tongue, when being interviewed by Spanish newspaper, El Mundo. Whats more exciting is that Nintendo has issued a statement confirming the information as true…


Game Overview: Mario Tennis Open

by sknygyon February 25, 2012
Camelot make a triumphant return in the 3DS’s first Mario sports title, head inside for the full lowdown…

Review: Mario & Sonic London 2012 (3DS)

by sknygyon February 19, 2012
The Mario & Sonic Olympic series has been a best-selling staple on the the Wii and DS for the last couple of years, so you’d expect this third installment to be the best yet. Is this the case, or does it not even reach the winners podium?


‘Mario & Sonic London 2012’ 3DS Launch Trailer

by sknygyon February 9, 2012
Sega have released a launch trailer for Mario & Sonic London 2012 (3DS). Keep your eyes peeled, for our review coming soon…

New ‘Mario & Sonic London 2012’ 3DS Screens

by sknygyon February 5, 2012
Sega have announced that the Wii instalment of Mario and Sonic London 2012 has sold over 2 million copies! Will the 3DS version do so well when it releases next month?…