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Battle.Net Is Down, Blizzard Looks To Restore It

by Todd Blackon April 14, 2016
A massive DDOS attack has left all of Battle.Net and its games down in the US and Europe. A hacking group called Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility for this, saying on Twitter: “US Blizzard #Offline – WoW #Offline, Diablo 3 #Offline, Starcraft 2 #Offline, Hearthstone #Offline @fbiarelosers @AppleJ4ckxoxo” Many fans have taken to Battle.Net to […]
Xbox One

Phil Spencer Defends Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform

by Todd Blackon March 31, 2016
Not too long ago, Tim Sweeney made his opinions known about Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform, which focuses game development on both the PC and Xbox. Sweeney called it “the most aggressive move Microsoft has ever made,” and hat Microsoft is trying to “monopolise game development on PC.” Xbox Head Phil Spencer spoke about this statement […]


Epic Games Boss Sounds Off On Microsoft’s UMP Initiative

by Todd Blackon March 4, 2016
Microsoft has noted how they want to put a focus on PC gaming, and ensure quality for all. As such, they made an initiative called the Universal Windows Platform, where PC games will be made in one way to help simplify the process. Epic Games boss Tim Sweeney notes in a piece for The Guardian […]
Batman Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Requirements Announced

by Todd Blackon April 23, 2015
Ask any gamer about what the difference is between consoles and PC, and you’ll get one answer. Upgrades. You can upgrade your PC to infinity if you’re able to purchase the right parts. All the while making go fast, process more, and bring more detail and graphics to your games. Thus, why most high-end, AAA […]


Octodad: Dadliest Catch Is Coming To Xbox One

by on March 15, 2015
Young Horses, Inc. has announced that their quirky, unique adventure game, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, is coming to Xbox One sometime this summer. The developer revealed the news on Twitter when they confirmed the game would be coming to Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program. Check out the tweet down below. Octodad: Dadliest Catch is coming […]
Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 Will Take More Risks, Creative Director Says

by on January 16, 2015
Speaking to GamesTM, Jonathan Morin, creative director of Watch Dogs, said that Watch Dogs 2 will take more risks. He also talked about the future of the franchise and how there is a lot of room for improvement. “The challenge when we made the first game was to create something that would make people dream about […]


Rogue Legacy Coming To Xbox One

by on January 9, 2015
Rogue Legacy will be coming to the Xbox One, developer Cellar Door Games confirmed today in a tweet. The news was revealed when the developer responded to a fan question on Twitter. @infamy__ It’s coming. — CellarDoorGames (@CellarDoorGames) January 7, 2015 Rogue Legacy originally released on PC in June 2013. It hit the PlayStation 4, PlayStation […]

New Update Announced For The Crew

by on January 6, 2015
Ubisoft has announced that The Crew will be getting a new update tomorrow for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. The update will fix issues with both the single-player mode and multiplayer. Check out the full list of fixes down below. Freeride: The Nav-Ribbon behavior has been improved in free ride (position […]