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Witcher CEO Loves Cross-Play Idea

by Todd Blackon May 7, 2016
As it continues to become more and more of a reality, game developers are letting their feelings be known about cross-play. The ability to play games on one system then challenge players who play on the other system. This all came about when Microsoft and Sony both agreed that cross-network play for Rocket League would […]
Rocket League

Microsoft Is Ready For Cross-Network Play

by Todd Blackon April 9, 2016
Many games in the industry have a massive online presence. In fact, many games have mainly an online presence. And when certain titles are on multiple platforms, the desire to fight others on those platforms comes to mind. Unfortunately, very few games are capable of cross-network play. But, that is slowly changing. Over at Microsoft, […]

Shuhei Yoshida - Sony PS4

Sony President Says PlayStation 4 Is Set for Big 2016

by Jeffrey Harrison December 30, 2015
PS4 is set for another banner year in 2016 according to Shuhei Yoshida. The Paranoid Gamer has all the news and details right here!

50% Of Americans Play Video Games Says Pew Research

by Todd Blackon December 21, 2015
Since the 80’s, when video games truly became a genre all their own, many have wondered just how many played them. Sure, when it was just a quarter, it was easy for someone to go into a video arcade and have fun. Now though, with consoles and games costing a lot of money, it’s not […]

Sony PS4 E3 Press Conference

Are Gamers Who Love Playing First-Person Shooters Switching to PS4?

by Todd Blackon November 5, 2015
Being able to predict changes in the landscape of any media is vital to not only making profit, but ensuring that mistakes aren’t made. For video games, knowing when to capitalize on a franchise, genre, IP, or system can spell victory or doom for those making the games or consoles. One trend that Sony, the current […]

Sony Will Continue To Make Vita Games

by Todd Blackon November 3, 2015
It’s been widely accepted that the PS Vita is not going to be the success that Sony had envisioned it to be. To the extent that a representative of Sony claimed that the company wouldn’t be making 1st party games for the Vita anymore, instead they would focus on the PS4, which is dominating the […]


Sony PlayStation Conference Set for Paris Games Week

by Jeffrey Harrison October 26, 2015
Sony PlayStation has announced that there will be a Sony press conference during Paris Games Week 2015 this week. The press conference will be held on Tuesday, October 27. In addition, Sony will be live streaming the entire briefing, and you can watch it live in the player below. The media briefing is set to […]
E3 2015

E3 2015: Reviewing the Big Three’s Press Conferences

by Todd Blackon June 26, 2015
And so a week has passed since the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo, and needless to say, a lot happened. New games were announced, titles were given release dates, and surprises were littered throughout the week. At the center of these were Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo’s E3 Press Conferences. Each had their own time to showcase what […]