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Just Cause 3 Confirmed By Square Enix

by Matthew Bandeiraon November 12, 2014
Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have confirmed that Just Cause 3 will be available in 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. “We’ve been waiting for this moment ever since Just Cause 2 was released, said Christofer Sundberg, founder and Chief Creative Officer at Avalanche Studios. “This is the culmination of a decade’s […]

New Screenshots For Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV

by Matthew Bandeiraon September 25, 2014
Today, Square Enix released screenshots for both Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV.  The Final Fantasy Type-0 HD screenshots feature Ace and the rest of Class Zero attempting to defend their homeland with magic spells and summons. The screenshots for Final Fantasy XV showcase the upcoming downloadable demo, which is called Episode Duscae. You can see […]

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Square Enix Announces New Cloud Gaming Service

by Matthew Dunleavyon September 19, 2014
Square Enix announced a new cloud gaming service called Shinra Technologies earlier today.   “Shinra Technologies, Inc. is a cloud gaming company whose business is based on its unique, patented technologies. Working with partner companies in the datacenter and network space, Shinra has created an optimized datacenter environment for the highest-quality cloud games. Shinra intends […]

Gamescom – Rise of the Tomb Raider Is An Xbox One Exclusive

by Matthew Bandeiraon August 12, 2014
Rise of the Tomb Raider will be an Xbox One exclusive, Microsoft revealed during their press conference at Gamescom. Darrell Gallagher, Head of Crystal Dynamics, explained “we believe this will be a step to really forging the Tomb Raider brand as one of the biggest in gaming, with the help, belief and backing of a major […]


Square Enix Confirms Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

by Matthew Bandeiraon August 8, 2014
Square Enix has confirmed that Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition will be released on October 14 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Just earlier this week, an Amazon listing leaked the release date, but Square Enix has officially confirmed that the Definitive Edition, which is a re-mastered update of the critically acclaimed Sleeping Dogs […]

Sleeping Dogs Coming To PS4 and Xbox One

by Matthew Bandeiraon August 6, 2014
According to a listing on Amazon, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 14. If you pre-order the Definitive Edition, you will receive the limited edition artbook packaging, which includes 28 pages of concept art, and all the downloadable content from the original game. Sleeping Dogs originally […]


Humble Square Enix Bundle

by Kevin Priceon July 23, 2014
The current Humble Square Enix Bundle offers a ton of Square Enix games at the pay what you want pricetag. You can currently grab Thief Gold, Mini Ninjas, Daikatana, Anachronox, Hitman: Codename 47, and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin for whatever price you’d like. Pay $8.21 USD (the current average) or more and you’ll unlock additional […]
Murdered Soul Suspect Art

Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

by James Goughon July 15, 2014
Here's out verdict, after a little investigation, in our Murdered: Soul Suspect Review