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The Division

Tom Clancy’s: The Division delayed until 2015?

by Chris Pilgrimon January 13, 2014
Ubisoft has been breaking records in game development for years, and I’ve always been excited to see what new and unique experiences they bring to their players. Their newest Tom Clancy title “The Division” is currently being developed at Ubisoft Massive using the Snowdrop Engine, which if you have not seen, check it out below; it’s borderline […]
XCOM Enemy Unknown screen shot

XCOM: Enemy Unknown pushed back to 2014

by M.N. Maffiolion May 22, 2012
I have been keeping up with the XCOM franchise in the last few years due to having played the original 1990’s  game X-COM: UFO Defense. So when I heard 2K was doing a reboot of the franchise, but putting a modern first-person spin on it,  I got excited.  It just so happens XCOM: Enemy Unknown […]


Want to write for TheParanoidGamer?

by Robert Strickon March 15, 2012
We are currently looking for anyone interested in writing for TheParanoidGamer. Are you interested in breaking into the gaming industry? Do you want to write about the unknown? At this point we are looking for volunteer positions. If this idea interests you hit the break to view more information regarding this opportunity.

Review: Voltron: Defender of the Universe (XBLA)

by Daniel Flatton December 6, 2011
Do these lions come together to form a great game or are they just another Robeast imitator? Hit the break to view our full verdict.


Review: Mario Kart 7

by Andy Whitefieldon December 5, 2011
Despite being the seventh entry in the series, this is perhaps the finest yet…

US National Defense Authorisation Act 2012

by Col Thorntonon December 5, 2011
The US National Defense Authorisation Act is passed each year to specify the budget and expenditures of the Department of Defense. However the Act for 2012 is being claimed to include provisions that allow for the indefinite detention of US citizens without trial.


Review: Super Mario 3D Land

by Andy Whitefieldon December 4, 2011
Nintendo’s most-loved character makes his platforming debut in a title that feels both familiar and revolutionary…

CA announce new Shogun 2 Expansion Fall of the Samurai

by Col Thorntonon December 2, 2011
Creative Assembly are bringing modern weaponry to the world of Shogun 2 in a new stand alone expansion that covers the 19th century period of Japans emergence into the modern world.