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Wii U

Wii U Hits Big Milestone, Splatoon Sales Continue to Rise

by Todd Blackon July 31, 2015
It’s been no secret that Nintendo has struggled in this current console war with the Wii U. Even though Nintendo’s console launched first, they made several mistakes that hindered their sales. The Wii U itself as a name severely hurt, as many thought the touchscreen focused Gamepad was just an extension of the Wii, instead […]

Is Devil’s Third Not Coming To The US?

by Todd Blackon July 10, 2015
For the Wii U, the need to get exclusive third party content has been a struggle, if not near impossible. At best, they would get releases alongside the Xbox One and PS4. At worst, it would release at a much later time after they were released on other platforms. It’s been a very rough ride. […]

Nintendo - NX

Nintendo NX Will “Avoid” Issues That Plagued 3DS and Wii U

by Todd Blackon July 3, 2015
Launching a video game console or handheld is not as easy as just putting it out there to sell. You need to test the console and its features, you need to ensure the games work for it, you need to make sure you advertise, and that gamers have a reason to buy your product. For Nintendo, […]
Nintendo Direct

Nintendo’s “Secrecy” in Regards to NX Revealed

by Todd Blackon June 27, 2015
Nintendo is a lot of things, but rarely are they too secretive. They’ll hold back information for a better time, but usually we get an inkling of what to expect from them. In regards to their upcoming new console, codenamed NX, we don’t have much at all. We do know that it’s intended to be a […]

Super Smash Bros.

Special Super Smash Bros. Presentation Coming June 14th

by Todd Blackon June 9, 2015
Nintendo revealed today that a special Super Smash Bros. Presentation will air on June 14th at 7:40 PT. The special event for Super Smash Bros. is happening before Nintendo’s big digital event on Tuesday. The timing of this is not coincidental, as that’s the day that Lucas will be brought into the game via purchasable DLC. […]

Splatoon Gets New Modes, Map, and Weapon DLC Tonight

by Todd Blackon June 1, 2015
Many have wondered how Splatoon could survive with only a few maps, weapons, modes, etc. Well the answer was always there, Nintendo was going to release new modes, and maps, and other excellent things via free DLC. Today, squeezed into a micro Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed the first batch of DLC that you’ll actually be able to […]


Project Cars Not Coming to Wii U?

by Todd Blackon May 27, 2015
Project Cars has a very interesting development history, it’s goal was ambitious, so much so that it had to be delayed numerous times in order to satisfy developer Slightly Mad Studios vision of it. But, it is out now, and most agree it’s really good. However, there is one thing it’s lacking, a Wii U […]
Splatoon Global Testfire

Splatoon Global Testfire Has Misfire

by Todd Blackon May 24, 2015
Say what you will about Nintendo, they’re truly putting all they have into their newest IP Splatoon. They’ve had numerous news updates on it, had a dedicated Nintendo Direct on it, and they’ve had open-beta playing sessions to test out both the game and the online capabilities via sessions called the Global Testfire. They had […]