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Splatoon Global Testfire

Splatoon Global Testfire Has Misfire

by Todd Blackon May 24, 2015
Say what you will about Nintendo, they’re truly putting all they have into their newest IP Splatoon. They’ve had numerous news updates on it, had a dedicated Nintendo Direct on it, and they’ve had open-beta playing sessions to test out both the game and the online capabilities via sessions called the Global Testfire. They had […]

Splatoon Hands-On Preview

by Todd Blackon May 18, 2015
Roughly a week ago, Nintendo did what they called a “Global Test Fire” for their upcoming game Splatoon. They were three short hours that would allow gamers (who downloaded the demo and had the availability to do it) the chance to test out the game, its controls, and see what players thought. I was lucky enough […]


Nintendo Gets First Annual Profit Since 2011

by Todd Blackon May 7, 2015
Though still trucking along, Nintendo has had struggles as of late since the arrival of the “Next-Generation” consoles. Despite being powerful and innovative in many ways, the Wii U has not performed to Nintendo’s desires sales wise. The same goes for the 3DS, which hasn’t matched the numbers of it’s predecessor. This has caused Nintendo […]

Splatoon to Get Special Wii U Bundle

by Todd Blackon April 21, 2015
We’re a little over a month away from the release of Splatoon, Nintendo’s bold new title that has the potential to be its next great franchise. This game has already excited both gamers and critics with its use of territory style gameplay, and use of paint weapons to claim said territory. In true Nintendo style, […]


New Nintendo 3DS Getting Unity Support

by Todd Blackon April 13, 2015
Though one time a rare thing, now all major consoles have strong indie gaming presences. In fact, one might argue that those presences are just as important as the AAA titles, as they help not only bring in more gamers to the platformer, but also provide the major companies a chance to possibly use the […]

Could Splatoon Be The Next Big Nintendo Franchise?

by Todd Blackon March 31, 2015
I wrote a piece a while back about what I thought the big Nintendo games for 2015 were going to be. On the list were Star Fox Wii U, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and of course, Legend of Zelda Wii U…which is now delayed. As an honorable mention on that list, I put Splatoon. Splatoon is […]


GameStop’s Sales Get Boosted By New Consoles

by Todd Blackon March 27, 2015
Sales are an important thing to stores like GameStop, as they determine how well their company is doing, and what do to going forward. In GameStop’s case, sales may not have been what they expected…but they resulted in some pretty good revenue. For current consoles (that’s the Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One), sales revenue […]
Nintendo Direct

Nintendo To Make Smart Phone Mobile Games With New Partner, New Console Outlined

by Todd Blackon March 17, 2015
Nintendo dropped a major bombshell today by announcing a partnership with DeNA, a Japanese mobile gaming company, to help develop games for said devices featuring Nintendo properties. To be clear, they aren’t porting titles to smartphone devices, they’re creating new, original titles. “There are significant differences in the controls, strengths and weaknesses between the controllers for […]