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Phil Spencer Defends Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform

by Todd Blackon March 31, 2016
Not too long ago, Tim Sweeney made his opinions known about Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform, which focuses game development on both the PC and Xbox. Sweeney called it “the most aggressive move Microsoft has ever made,” and hat Microsoft is trying to “monopolise game development on PC.” Xbox Head Phil Spencer spoke about this statement […]

What Are The Best Selling Games From 2015? Find Out Here!

by Todd Blackon January 14, 2016
Sales are everything in the world of video games, and for December, and the year that was 2015, there were numerous big titles that released. NPD has unveiled who were some of the big winners, including who was the best in both the month of December, and in 2015 full stop. The December top 10 list […]

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More Backwards Compatible Titles Coming To Xbox One

by Todd Blackon December 18, 2015
In an announcement on Xbox Wire, MIcrosoft has unveiled the second wave of games that will be backwards compatible on the console: “Last month we launched one of the most requested features: Xbox One Backward Compatibility, with an initial set of more than 100 titles, allowing fans to take their Xbox 360 experience to Xbox […]
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Just Cause 3 Suffering From Framerate Issues, Massive Load Times

by Todd Blackon December 1, 2015
While no game is perfect at launch, it does appear that Just Cause 3 is having some significant issues for some users. NX Gamer, a Youtuber who shows he’s playthroughs online, revealed that the Xbox One version of Just Cause 3 has been suffering some incredible drops in framerate, and that playing the game for […]

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Xbox One: Major Nelson Explains Backwards Compatibility

by Jeffrey Harrison November 4, 2015
Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb and Microsoft have released a new video explaining the backwards compatibility of the Xbox One for Xbox 360 titles. The backwards compatibility feature will be part of a new system update that will be arriving very soon. You can check out the new video featuring everything […]

Best-Selling Video Games in 2015: The New Console Generation Finally Takes Over

by Jeffrey Harrison October 6, 2015
The year of 2015 is far from over, but there have already been a hefty amount of best-selling video games that have dropped and sold massive numbers of copies throughout the world. 2015 looks like a stronger year for games than 2014 when you look at titles such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Mortal Kombat […]

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Xbox Boss Wants To Cut Sony’s Lead in Europe

by Todd Blackon July 30, 2015
Despite being second in the current console war, the Xbox One is still behind PS4 in pretty much every big region, including the US. But to Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, he wants to focusing on cutting down the lead in Europe. “We need to do better in Europe. When I look globally, […]

First Crackdown Gameplay Footage to be Revealed at Gamescom 2015

by Jeffrey Harrison July 28, 2015
Microsoft has officially revealed that the first gameplay footage for the upcoming next installment of the Crackdown franchise will finally be revealed next week at the upcoming Gamescom 2015. Phil Spencer revealed the news earlier on his Twitter account. You can check out his tweet on the announcement below. According to Spencer, the final Gamescom […]