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Rocket League

Microsoft Is Ready For Cross-Network Play

by Todd Blackon April 9, 2016
Many games in the industry have a massive online presence. In fact, many games have mainly an online presence. And when certain titles are on multiple platforms, the desire to fight others on those platforms comes to mind. Unfortunately, very few games are capable of cross-network play. But, that is slowly changing. Over at Microsoft, […]

50% Of Americans Play Video Games Says Pew Research

by Todd Blackon December 21, 2015
Since the 80’s, when video games truly became a genre all their own, many have wondered just how many played them. Sure, when it was just a quarter, it was easy for someone to go into a video arcade and have fun. Now though, with consoles and games costing a lot of money, it’s not […]

Xbox One

Xbox Boss Believes First-Party Exclusives Are Key to Console’s Future

by Todd Blackon August 4, 2015
Xbox Boss Phil Spencer has been talking a lot about the strategy into trying to make the Xbox One (and future consoles) the No.1 console in the world. In an interview with Gamecores, he revealed that to him, getting first-party exclusives (and not timed exclusives like Rise of the Tomb Raider) are the future for […]
Silent Hill - Silent Hills

Silent Hills Franchise Not Coming to Xbox One as Console Exclusive

by Todd Blackon May 30, 2015
Yesterday, a small glimmer of hope was given to fans who wanted the cancelled Silent Hills game to still somehow be made. There was a rumor going around that Microsoft was going to buy out the rights for the Silent Hill franchise so that they could make it an Xbox Exclusive, and then continue with […]

Xbox One

Xbox One The Highest Selling Console In April

by Todd Blackon May 15, 2015
According to the NPD results for April (via IGN), the Xbox One has outsold the PlayStation 4 and the Wii U to be the highest selling console for the month of April. This is a surprise, as the PlayStation 4 has been consistently outselling the other consoles in hardware for many months. Needless to say, Microsoft […]

Gaming: The Harbinger of the Singularity?

by Rustyn Clarkon April 6, 2015
Is AI learning from human input and interaction? Will this bring our Robot Overlords to power? Don’t want the lesson? Skip to The Conspiracy! Defining the Singularity Singularity – The advent of Artificial Intelligence that exceeds that of its human creators. Along with becoming smarter than humans, these computers and machines also gain sentience and break […]


Original Xbox Was Meant To Be A “Casual Gaming Machine”?

by Todd Blackon April 1, 2015
Ok, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke, we honestly don’t think it is. Cause apparently, the original Xbox from Microsoft wasn’t meant to be a hardcore gaming console. No, it wasn’t. In fact, it was apparently supposed to cater to the casual gaming market. Microsoft didn’t reveal this though, a developer did: “At the time, […]

Microsoft Drops Price of Xbox One To $349 In North America

by on October 27, 2014
Microsoft has announced that they will be dropping the price of the Xbox One to $349 in North America. The deal begins on November 2 and ends January 3, 2015. The $50 price cut also applies to the three bundles Microsoft is currently offering. Those bundles include the Assassin’s Creed bundle with or without the […]