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PS4 Gets YouTube App

by on October 29, 2014
At long last, the PS4 YouTube app has come. In PS4’s 2.0 update, the YouTube app will be available for download via the PlayStation Store free of charge. The YouTube app allows user to directly upload gameplay footage to the site. Uploading a video clip directly works with the share button, edit it, name it, […]

Report – TwitchTV To be Acquired By Youtube

by Jameson May 19, 2014
It seems that video sharing giant, Youtube, is gearing up to expand it’s services with the possible acquisition of popular video game streaming service, Twitch.   According to a report made by Variety, Youtube may have struck a deal to acquire TwitchTV for $1 billion dollars. Their source says that once the agreement is final, […]

The Division

Tom Clancy’s: The Division delayed until 2015?

by Chris Pilgrimon January 13, 2014
Ubisoft has been breaking records in game development for years, and I’ve always been excited to see what new and unique experiences they bring to their players. Their newest Tom Clancy title “The Division” is currently being developed at Ubisoft Massive using the Snowdrop Engine, which if you have not seen, check it out below; it’s borderline […]

PS4 will support HDMI gameplay capture

by Craig Reynoldson September 19, 2013
Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed that users will be able to capture PlayStation 4 gameplay footage via HDMI, ending worries that its next generation console will be hampered by High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) restrictions.


Armed with Controllers plays: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

by Craig Reynoldson September 13, 2013
Armed with Controllers’ KB and Stapesy are back for our Friday feature to play one of the most peculiar side-scrolling beat ‘em ups ever made.

Armed with Controllers plays: Battlefield 3

by Craig Reynoldson September 6, 2013
Want to see Armed with Controllers’ Retro Mania host and FIFA enthusiast step out of his comfort zone, don some fatigues and venture into DICE’s gritty first-person shooter? Because we sure do.


Killzone: Shadow Fall PAX gameplay emerges online

by Craig Reynoldson September 3, 2013
One of the many highlights of this year’s Penny Arcade Expo (otherwise known as PAX) was PlayStation 4-exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall, and we’ve got fresh off-screen, 24-player multiplayer footage to share with you.

Armed with Controllers plays: DuckTales

by Craig Reynoldson August 16, 2013
Is your life like a hurricane? Are you one for solving mysteries, or rewriting history? Then this week’s Armed with Controllers Friday feature is for you.