The Many Easter Eggs of Duke Nukem Forever – Call of Duty Parody and More


We here at TheParanoidGamer have rounded up just a few of the Easter eggs found in Duke Nukem Forever. These include the recent ones of Halo and Dead Space and along with plenty of other new ones. The game pokes fun at others such as Gears of War, Mario, Call of Duty and even some movie films. It is said the game has over 300 Easter eggs, so this is just scratching the surface if that is true. Hit the jump to see which ones you might have missed.

Call of Duty:

This is the ending of the game. A nuke goes off and then it goes into a COD MW glode map view. This is no doubt a parody of the Nuke Explosion from Modern Warfare 1. Duke Comments on how the ending was “Shit” this of course is referring to Nuke Modern Warfare scene.

Duke Vs. GearBox:

A level is filled with a bunch of gears rotating in a boiler room. Duke goal is to get to the top of the level to advance on. However in doing so, he causes all the gears to overheat and break down. No doubt that the next thing he says is actually geared towards GearBox.

“Duke 1 Gears 0″
Gears of War:

Also before the Halo Armor find, there is a EDF Character who who resembles Marcus Fenix cursing a lot and saying how he had to helped his friend find his wife. Fans familiar with Gears of war will know exactly what that means (Marcus helping Dom).

Halo and Dead Space:

“Power Armor is for P###y” -Halo
“Thats one dead space Marine” -Dead Space

Fallout and Princess Bride (Phrase):

In the garden level, while Duke is shrunken, he makes a reference from Fallout (which came from Princess Bride) about rats being Unusual Size.

Christian Bale Freak-out:

Another fun Easter egg that might have been missed. During the talk show there is an actor who is freaking out at his assistant. No doubt that this is a reference to Christian Bale Freak-out with his assistant.

World of WarCraft: LeeRoy Jenkins:

Another one that people should be familiar with is the LeeRoy Jenkins reference from World of WarCraft.

Original :

Bioshock 1:

“Dear Jasmine,

I’m you Not
Me, get lost!!

Big Daddy”
Jasmine is an exotic dancer in Bioshock 1

Lost (TV Series):
During the Casino scene, when you are shrunk, on the roulette table there are references to the numbers that keep occuring in the TV series Lost. “4 8 15 16 23 42″

300 (Movie) (Phrase):

“Tonight we dine in hell” Duke says this a few times throughout the game, which is a reference from the Movie 300.

Team America (Movie)(Phrase):

On the mission where duke must reach the dam he encounters the General. The General explains to him how the president has lost grip on reality and that America is counting on him.
Duke then begins to sing “America F##k yeah!!” Song from Team America.

Donkey Kong:

After you have defeated the leech boss, you must escape the building that is getting ready to explode. Upon escaping you reach a spiral staircase with red barrels coming down. This is all to familiar with the popular Donkey Kong game. When you reach the top of the staircase you are confronted by a Pigcop. Duke then proceeds to say
“I was expecting a Monkey”

Duke Nukem Forever Secret Lesbian Sex Scene Easter Egg:

Mortal Kombat (Phrase):

“Duke Wins. Fatality!”


Shadow warrior:

There is an achievement/trophy called “sticky bomb like you”. This is a reference to Shadow Warrior.
“Lo Wang was here” written in a garage in the Mighty Foot level.
In the Titty City level when you get inside Duke’s private office there’s a Chinese food box with the Shadow Warrior logo and it says “Lo Wang’s Takeout”

Duke Angry, Duke Smash!:

Of course this is The Hulk.

Commando (Movie Phrase)
When duke kills an alien, sometimes he says : “Remember when I said I would kill you last? I lied.”

Total Recall (Movie Phrase):
When using the Holoduke: “You think this is the real me? It is!”

Inception (Movie):

When Duke has a dream there is a reference in the Strip Club to the movie Inception

Duke Nukem Ventrilo Harassment video

When you first face off the flying Fat Pigcop Alein in the Casino, Duke says “I’m going to kill you old style!”. This is from Duke Nukem Ventrilo Harassment Video

The Shinning (Movie):

Looking at the reflection in one of the bathroom mirror you’ll notice the words being reflected spell “Murder” This is a reference to the Movie The Shinning.

Killroy/Mr. Chad Was here:

A popular World drawing is also seen in the game bathroom stall.

Popular FAQ Help:
GearBox makes fun of those who used the FAQS for help.

Monty Python:
Final words before the writer died “aaaaaaagh”

Half-Life/Valve (Phrase):

When Duke is knocking down wooden boards he says “A crowbar would come in handy right now”
Also: “I hate valve puzzles” area where you have to solve a puzzle to do with moving valves and getting the steam to go in the correct place.

Predator (Movie Phrase):when you fight the boss near the end of the Duke Dome Duke says “You’re one ugly ************”
“Yeah, if it bleeds, I can kill it!”

Portal: The Cake is a Lie/Campanion Cube (Phrase): when the stripper talks to you in Titty City she says that there will be cake. And also there is a Companion Barrel in the game.
find the companion barrel, put it on the blue heart, and a door opens with a full loadout of weapons with a message saying “Have some cake!”.

Borderlands: You can find the head of the guy on the cover in the submarine level. “At least he got an ending!”

Robocop – When Duke breaks open a supply crate and finds something useful inside such as a pipe bomb he will say “I’d buy that for a dollar”. In Robocop Bixby Snyder craeted this memorable quote.

The Simpson: On all the Register it says “847.63”

Starship Troopers reference: “I’m from Las Vegas, and I say: kill’em all”. Rico quote.


Not to sure on this, but it looks like a squashed frog.