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YouTuber uncovers release dates for future Black Ops II content

by on May 20, 2013

Machinima partner ‘Jake’, one-half of TWiinSANE, has unearthed release dates for Call of Duty: Black Ops II‘s third and fourth DLC packages by rooting through coding on the Call of Duty: Elite website.

As his video embedded below details, add-on number three currently has a placeholder of July 2nd, and add-on four will arrive on August 27th. Both dates take into account Microsoft’s timed exclusivity deal with Activision, and therefore only apply to the Xbox 360 version of Treyarch’s latest first-person shooter. PlayStation 3 and PC players will almost certainly get the content one month later, as per the distribution schedules of Revolution and Uprising.

Jake mentions that a second source has already validated his findings, but for security reasons he cannot share this person’s identity. Moreover, TWiinSANE can neither confirm nor deny any information came directly from the game’s publisher.